Separation and divorce

Many people often confuse these two words when referring to the breakup of a couple, although both terms have a completely different use that we will explain in this article.


A separation is considered when two people decide to end the bond or love relationship between them.

Separation simply means the end of a love relationship.

When two people separate, they must formally file the separation in court. This should make sure that the couple has no intention of returning to the relationship to give effect to the separation.

In addition, they must also verify that they do not have sex, that they do not sleep in the same bed, among many other things.

Despite the separation, many people still live together under the same roof, sleeping in different beds and living completely separate lives.


Divorce is the breakdown of the marriage legally. When two married people, for whatever reason, no longer want to remain married, through lawyers and the court, they terminate the marriage that united them.

It is worth clarifying that for the divorce to take place, the couples must be separated for at least 1 year. In addition, before making the decision to divorce, it must be taken into account that if the couple divorces, the spouse will no longer be entitled to various benefits, such as life insurance, medical insurance, dental, among many other things.

If the marriage, at the time of death one of the two dies, the spouse has the right to his property in case the person has not left a will endowing the property to a third party. On the other hand, if both were divorced, the person who was your partner does not have the right to any assets of the deceased.


Separation is the termination of a love relationship, while the divorce is the termination of marriage through legal channels.

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