Difference between Sign and symptom

Differences between Sign and Symptom
Differences between Sign and Symptom

The Differences between Sign and Symptom is given here. It is very common to use signs and symptoms synonymously. However, these terms present certain specific differences that should be known. keep reading…


The term sign comes from the Latin word signum. It describes an element, phenomenon, or material action that represents or replaces another. They usually give indications or signs of a finished situation or phenomenon. The sign is synonymous with a sample or indication of a question. The term is used in various settings.

The signs of a linguistic nature indicate performed that are perceived by the various human senses. Punctuation marks are a writing tool, their function is to make the text easier to understand. In the case of medicine, a clinical sign is concrete manifestations that allow identifying diseases. They are used by doctors to determine and diagnose disease. They are usually detected with the use of specialized medical equipment.


It is a term of Latin origin symptōma which comes from a term from the Greek language. Name signs or indications of something that is happening or will happen in the future. In the field of medicine, symptoms are phenomena that help to identify a disease, they are generally identified by the person when they detect that something is not working properly in their body. They are detected by the patient himself. suggested video: Sign and Symptom

Differences between Sign and Symptom

If we refer to the health sciences, a symptom is a subjective reference that a patient or patient gives of what they perceive as abnormal or caused by a pathological state. Signs are objectively evaluated states. They are manifestations that the doctor can verify through a physical examination of the patient or specialized studies in clinics and hospitals.

  • A symptom is a subjective sensation
  • A sign is objectifiable, it can be measured by tests.

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