Difference between Soul and Spirit

difference between soul and spirit
Soul Vs Spirit

The Basic Difference between soul and spirit is that The soul is an immaterial entity that, according to numerous beliefs and philosophical perspectives, living beings possess.

The spirit is the philosophical, psychological, artistic, and knowledge component. It refers to the impersonal and universal component of human nature.


It refers to an immaterial entity that, according to the statements and beliefs of various religious and philosophical traditions and perspectives, living beings possess. The description of its characteristics and properties varies according to each of its perspectives and traditions.

According to the Judeo-Christian tradition, the soul is the main quality that identifies movement in living matter, thus differentiating it from inert objects, and making it independent of the displacement of others.

According to various traditions, the term soul can be applied to living beings in general as part of its constitutive principle. The soul incorporates the vital principle or internal essence of each of the living beings, giving them a certain identity that cannot be explained from their material reality.

For Christianity, the human being is made up of three parts: Body, soul (related to emotions) and spirit (related to spiritual). According to tradition, the soul unifies the human being as an individual and leads him to perform activities that go beyond the material.

The soul gives the human being instincts, emotions, feelings, self-awareness, thoughts and decisions.


The spirit in human beings is a psychological, philosophical, artistic and knowledge component. That is, it incorporates the mental or spiritual part of humanity and refers to the impersonal and universal component of human nature.

According to the models of Daniel A. Helminiak and Bernard Lonergan, the human spirit can be considered as the mental function of consciousness, understanding, hindsight, and other forces of reasoning.

Difference between soul and spirit

  • The distinction between spirit and soul was made by Westerners and the civilizations that influenced its development.
  • The spirit can be defined as the celestial component of the human being, it is impersonal and universal.
  • The soul is the personal element of each individual and gives them emotions, thoughts, self-awareness, and instinct.

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