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Sources of Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17

The body needs many nutrients that play an essential role in maintaining its health and safety so that it can carry out its functions normally, and without contracting diseases.

Vitamins of all kinds are considered among the most important substances that must be obtained, and their types are many, as vitamin B is considered one of the most famous, as it is It is multiple and can be obtained easily. Its types include B1, B2, and B12, and a new type has recently appeared, which is B17.

Vitamin B17 is known by its trade name, which is Amygdalin or Laetrile, and most studies conducted on it have proven that it is necessary for the health of the body, as it has many benefits responsible for public safety and the prevention of many diseases, and it must be noted that it is possible to obtain this vitamin easily. It is available in different types of foods, and in this article we will introduce you to its sources.

Sources of vitamin B17

Sources of vitamin B17

sapricots, plums, pears, and cherries. some fruits; Such as: berries of all kinds, strawberries, and gooseberries. Flax seeds, nectarines, pumpkin, and buckwheat. nuts; Such as: bitter almonds, cashews, and macadamia.

Some types of sprouts, such as: bamboo sprouts, alfalfa, and green chickpea sprouts. some leafy plants; Such as: spinach, eucalyptus, and clover leaves. Some types of legumes, such as red and black beans, green beans, and chickpeas. Various types of sweet potatoes.

Benefits of Vitamin B17

  • It expels toxins from the body and rids it of them It strengthens the immune system and protects the body from many diseases resulting from immune deficiency.
  • It activates the body and increases its vitality.
  • Maintains blood pressure within normal levels.
  • Protects the heart muscle from blood clots.
  • Relieves inflammatory pain, such as arthritis.
  • It protects against cancer, as it contains cyanide.
  • It is one of the natural substances that destroy cancer cells.

The most prominent Types of Vitamin B and their Sources

Vitamin B1: It is one of the most important vitamins necessary for a healthy nervous system, improving muscle performance, and energy production.

Meat, fish, dairy products, yeast, liver, and wheat grains are the main sources for obtaining it. If it is deficient in the body, the person suffers from constipation and fatigue. General, loss of appetite, and imbalance.

Vitamin B2: It is called riboflavin, as it increases the body’s energy, protects the skin, and contributes to oxidation reactions and the production of red blood cells. It can be obtained from red meat, fish, nuts, and green vegetables.

If it is deficient, the body suffers from disorders in the digestive system. , loss of appetite, and infections of the teeth and gums.

Vitamin B6: Known as pyridoxine, it increases the body’s energy and activity through its contribution to the breakdown of glycogen, and strengthens the body’s immunity. It produces antibodies and maintains the integrity of the skin.

It can be obtained from dairy, grains, bananas, cabbage, and potatoes, and in case of deficiency. In children, they suffer from nervous spasms, while adults suffer from depression and anemia.

Vitamin B12: It is known as cobalamin, and it is one of the vitamins that prevents anemia. It also produces DNA, and animal sources, such as: red meat and fish, are the only source of obtaining it.

If it is deficient, the person suffers from enlargement of the spleen and liver, and loss of blood sugar. Appetite, paleness and yellowing of the face.

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