Difference Between Speed And Velocity in tabular form

Difference between speed and velocity
Speed vs velocity

Speed ​​and velocity are two kinematic quantities that are often confused. Remember that the distance traveled and the movement made by mobile are two different quantities. Precisely for this reason, when we relate them to time, we also obtain two different magnitudes. The Basic difference between speed and velocity is that The speed is a scalar quantity that relates the distance over time, while The velocity is a vector quantity that relates the change of position.

When to use velocity?

Velocity is a physical quantity that describes the relationship between the distance traveled and the time used for it, as well as the variation in the characteristics of a phenomenon per unit of time. Likewise, it can refer to the lightness and promptness in the movement, or, in automotive mechanics, to each of the driving positions, also called gait.

Examples of velocity:

  • Do you know how fast he was going on this road?
  • The speed of global warming has increased.
  • The boy runs with great speed.
  • He put in fifth gear and hit the highway.

In physics, however, velocity is a physical quantity of a vector nature, since it expresses the relationship between the space traveled by an object, the time used for it and its direction.

For example:

  • The car travels down a road at a constant speed.
  • They asked me to determine the speed with which the ball was thrown.

When to use Speed?

Speed refers to the speed or accelerated movement of something, as well as the quality of fast. The word, as such, derives from fast.

For example:

  • I need you to come here quickly.
  • I am impressed by how quickly children are growing now.

In physics, however, speed is a physical magnitude of a scalar nature, which specifically refers to the relationship between the distance traveled by an object and the time taken to cover it. As such, it can be measured in meters, kilometers, miles, knots per hour, or per second.

Examples of Speed:

  • I have to determine how fast that ship is moving.
  • What is the speed with which that train travels?

Difference between speed and velocity in Tabular form


                                  Speed                                    Velocity
Speed is a distance covered by per unit time. Velocity is a distance covered by per unit time in a particular direction.


It is a scalar quantity It is a vector quantity
Mathematical representation
Mathematical it can be written as

          V  = S/t


Mathematical it can be written as

V   =  d/t

S.I unit of speed is m/s S.I unit of velocity is m/s

Speed Vs Velocity (video)

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