Sports Watches for Mens and womens: Buying Guide (2020)

Sports watches for men
Sports Watches

Whether we are starting to play sports regularly or if we have been doing it for a while, having the right material for our sports activities is an essential part of any preparation. Having a sports watches that offer us a variety of benefits that adapt to our needs, our type of training, and our level of demand can become a very interesting tool to develop our routines, organize and monitor ourselves efficiently and precisely, and Ultimately, achieve our goals.

Measure the heart rate, control the distances traveled, time processes, count the number of calories burned … The possibilities offered by these products are wide and varied.

In this article we will review some of the best options at your disposal, focusing on the most versatile and affordable alternatives that exist. We hope that with this you can find the best cheap sports watch and take your sports preparation to the next level!

The essentials of sports watches:

Let’s see, what is the most important thing to know about these products and everything they offer?

  • First of all, we should talk about the functions for which this device stands out. Nowadays, technological advances allow that, in a relatively small instrument, we can have a wide range of body sensors, location functions, and controls related to speed, altitude, distance, etc. Some of these features are: GPS, compass, heart rate meter, calorie consumption, etc.
  • The functions of these watches are designed to adapt to one or other activities and to the different training processes. It will be important to decide whether, for our activity and level of professionalism, more versatile and generalized options or more specialized and specific options suit us. Luckily, the offer is varied enough to cover practically all the needs that may arise!
  • Another thing to consider before beginning to investigate in greater depth in the world of sports watches is what added value they can bring us in our training sessions. The answer to this question has to do with the increase in the possibilities it will offer us in terms of planning, monitoring and follow-up, and control of health parameters, thereby helping us to achieve goals.

List of  best cheap sports watches of 2020

  • LIFEBEE SmartWatch
  • RSVOM Men’s Digital Watch
  • Rayfit Activity Bracelet
  • Smart-T Smart Watch
  • Willful Activity Bracelet
  • Elegiant IP67 Sports Watch
  • YAMAY Smartwatch

LIFEBEE SmartWatch: A versatile and reliable sports watch

It is an option that is on a similar scale to the previous product. It has a similar price, € 39.99, and is not far behind in terms of functions and benefits. It is an ideal sports watch for women, men, and even children.

The number of functions that it has incorporated into very wide and complete: 24-hour activity tracking, heart rate, and sleep monitoring, 9 different modes that attend to the type of activity or the sport you are doing, intelligent notification system, system audio and music control, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, and more!

One of its main attributes is the 24-hour Activity Tracking thanks to a built-in advanced sensor. This watch’s daily activity tracker can record and store your training data and your day-to-day activities in real-time, including steps, pace, and calories, making it easy to keep track of your routines and keeping you on top of your physical conditions and your health.

The sports watch monitors both your heart rate and sleep quality, automatically and accurately tracks your heart rate and provides a comprehensive analysis of the quality of your rest to help you develop a more mindful and healthy lifestyle.

Here are some more details: Its screen is touch and 1.3 inches. The battery capacity is 210 mAh. The charging time reaches about 2.5 hours. It can be used continuously for around 10 days. Its waterproof rating is advanced: IP68. There is a version with Bluetooth: BLE 4. The application is compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher, or Android 4.4 and higher.


  • Very complete high-end device, both in terms of functionalities and benefits and compatibility.
  • Touch screen highly visible in all circumstances.
  • Accuracy and quality of functions such as the heart rate monitor.


Price somewhat higher than the simpler ranges, although good value for money.

RSVOM Men’s Digital Watch: Convenience and simplicity at a good price

It is a simple watch, with a more classic cut, but very functional and practical. It complies with the characteristics, expectations, and possibilities it offers (Alarm, date, time, stopwatch). It is, in short, a great sports watch for men.

It is waterproof. It can be submerged in water (not too deep and as long as it is not hot) and it will work fine. It has a fairly bright green light thanks to which you can see the time perfectly in the dark.

The material it is made of is a kind of flexible plastic or rubber. The holes in the strap allow the skin to breathe and its malleability makes it more comfortable. Its size is medium to large, although not exaggerated. Its weight, on the other hand, is quite light.

It is a watch that can be used both daily and for sports because its design is simple and discreet. In short, a good product at a very good price (15 euros).


  • Comfort and lightness, especially in relation to its size.
  • Masculine, discreet and simple design. Comply without bragging.
  • Good price, one of the cheapest of the selection.


The material can be awkward at first. The same goes for the strap.

Rayfit Activity Tracker- A cheap and stylish sports watch

For its price, it offers a more than acceptable performance. Some of its characteristics are the following. It has a series of activity monitors that allow you to accurately track daily activities, such as steps, kilometers, calories burned, speed, or duration of exercise routines.

Its sleep monitor automatically controls the quality of rest between 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM and records moments of a deep sleep, light sleep, and moments of wakefulness.

In addition, its silent alarm can gently wake you up. You won’t have to worry about having your phone close by thanks to its built-in notification system.

This watch can also help you relax when you are in tension, to move when you have been sitting for a long time, or to change position when you have been in the same position for a long time. In this way, you will contribute to creating much healthier habits and routines.

By connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth you can take pictures thanks to the remote control of the SmartWatch.

The fitness tracker also has a built-in USB connector that can be connected to any universal power adapter. It will recharge in about 2 hours and will last 7 days (or 15 days if the “standby” mode is activated).

It is a perfect sports watch for the whole family. It is a very suitable sports watch for children thanks to its lightness and resistance. And for its price, which does not reach 20 euros! Not bad at all, right?


  • Complete in terms of functions and elegant.
  • Good customer service.
  • It has a replacement strap, which considerably increases the life of the product.


The configuration of the link has caused problems for some users of devices of certain brands.

Smart Watch Smart-T- A watch with very powerful functionalities

Finally, we mention this smartwatch with a waterproof dark green strap. It is the most expensive of the selection, its price is around 52 euros, but it is a marvel.

Its 1.3-inch full HD round touch screen is a high-quality, highly practical and easy-to-use display that offers a comfortable and easy user experience. It has a customizable main interface in which you can tweak the settings according to your preferences. You can even upload your favorite photos or images as screensavers!

The battery is another of its most notable attributes: it provides about 15 days of use with continuous daily activity tracking.

It has the IP68 waterproof rating so you can not only shower and gets it wet, but you can even swim with it. Thanks to its functionalities, it will help you to record the pulsations of your arm, the calories burned and the time you spend swimming in the pool.

All your routes and your training runs will be tracked via GPS in the «Da Fit» application. In addition, its 8 professional sports modes: walking, running, pedaling, jumping, playing badminton, basketball, soccer, and swimming, will make sure all your needs are covered. The activity meters will provide relevant information about your routines with very fine precision.

Everything you need to know to get fit and improve in your disciplines!


  • Great autonomy and battery power.
  • Flexible, soft and comfortable strap
  • Screen sharpness and graphics quality.


The most expensive of the selection.

Willful Activity Bracelet: The best sports watch in value for money

If you want a versatile watch that offers you a wide variety of quality features at a price suitable for all budgets, this activity bracelet from the Willful brand is an option to take into account.

Its design is light and ergonomic. It has a 0.96-inch LCD color screen with a 5-level adjustable brightness level. This allows the reading of the data to be always comfortable and easy, whatever the conditions.

It has a heart rate meter and an asleep meter. Thanks to this, you will be able to have your pulsations controlled throughout the day and all night continuously and automatically, even analyzing the phases, patterns, and quality of sleep when you go to bed.

It is a smart and waterproof bracelet capable of adapting to a wide variety of needs and environments. To charge, it has a standard USB charger that will fully recharge the device in just one hour. Once this is done, it can be used continuously for a period of 3 to 5 days.

It also offers a series of multiple additional functions such as pedometer, calorie control or distance measurement. Different modes can be configured according to the activity we carry out (eg cycling mode). You can also access a camera remote control through it. It has a notification system that will notify you by means of vibration.

You may be wondering if this device has the ability to adapt to your mobile phone. The answer is yes! It is compatible with iOS 8.0 or higher and Android 4.4 or higher.

You can download and install the free “9 sport” application by scanning the QR code or searching for it on Google Play or the Apple App Store. The application is compatible with most smartphones with BT 4.0 or higher operating systems.

As some of its satisfied customers say, more than an activity bracelet it is a smartwatch!


  • Efficiency and functionality of its features, especially the sleep monitoring system and the step measurement system.
  • It has an app that makes it compatible with smartphones. It is intuitive and easy to use application.
  • Its alarm and notification system will allow you to be connected at all times without having to carry your phone with you.


It cannot be immersed in hot water or seawater.

 YAMAY Smartwatch: A perfect sports watch for women

It is a slightly more premium version than the previous two. It has, no less, than 14 different sports modes; from walking and running, cycling and yoga, climbing, basketball, badminton, soccer, hiking, fitness, dance, tennis and football. It is able to record activity related to any sport at any time without losing any data.

Your heart rate monitor offers continuous and automatic heart rate measurement through the wrist. A show of comfort and precision. The recorded information can help you better understand your fitness level and health status.

In addition, it is an ideal smartwatch for women since it has a special function to monitor their ovulation periods through the VeryFitPro application. With it you can set the duration of the period and the device will send reminders every month. This will allow users to know more about their menstrual health.

You can connect the watch to your phone and you will have access to all call and message notifications, both SMS and messages from instant messaging applications and social networks. You can also select up to 4 different themes on the watch screens, to adapt it to different circumstances or different moods.

Its long-lasting battery will allow you to use the device without interruption for a period of 7 to 10 days (30 days if it is kept in standby mode). Its charging time is two hours, and it has a low battery warning and a power-saving mode.

Other useful features are its sleep monitor and its stopwatch.


  • Perfect for women thanks to its ovulation monitoring system.
  • Ability to select up to 4 different themes on the clock screen.
  • Wide variety of sports modes.


Something more expensive (close to 42 euros)

Sports Watch Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Sports Watches Before Buying One


Sports watches (also known by some manufacturers as activity bracelets) offer a series of functionalities and features that you must be familiar with before deciding to buy one or the other alternative.

Its operation is usually intuitive and simple, but in some advanced functions, it is convenient to know its operation and the set of options at your fingertips to be able to get the most out of it.

There are watches with designs, materials, characteristics, and benefits adapted to different types of activities or training routines.

Depending on the discipline you practice and the type of athlete you are, some of these distinctions can give you added value or become unnecessary accessories that unnecessarily make the product more expensive. Therefore, the first thing you will have to be clear about, of course, is what you are going to use the watch for and what you want to get out of it.

What are the main characteristics of sports watches?

These products are designed primarily to help you create training routines that adapt to your needs and allow you to have a simpler, more precise, and tighter recording of training parameters.

You do not have to be a professional of any sport to find great use in these devices, even in amateur athletes or even to carry out sporadic outings, these devices can help us considerably to adapt the activity we carry out to our physical form and our objectives (be they these whatever).

But not only that, in addition, many of them will provide interesting information about some health patterns that it is not necessary to have controlled and monitored. This is the case of measuring heart rate, body temperature, sleep patterns, blood pressure, or recording calories burned.

In addition to these registers of health parameters, sports watches often offer location-related functions through devices such as GPSs or compasses.

They also mark the speed at which we carry out a certain activity, the number of steps, strides or strokes that we carry out during the course of our training, and even in some cases, they include height measurements so that we know our position with respect to sea level. .

As we can see, they are little less than mini-laptops adapted to our wrists and full of useful information to do sports in a safe, controlled, and efficient way!

Advantages and disadvantages of sports watches

Let’s see some of the main attributes of these products, and also some of the points that can make us think twice when deciding on one or the other option.


  • Increased planning and control capacity in our training routines.
  • Access to reliable and accurate information on our health parameters and our tours.
  • Ability to connect and interact with paired devices (eg mobile devices, tablets, etc.)
  • They are usually waterproof, although we remember that they do not usually withstand hot water or excess time submerged well.
  • The gadget can provide additional motivation for training.
  • The most versatile versions allow them to be used, not only for sports but also in routine day-to-day activities


  • Some models may take some time to adapt until we get used to having them on our wrist while doing sports.
  • Even in the options with powerful batteries, the autonomies of these products still have wide margins for improvement.

What to consider before buying?

The first thing that we must determine when deciding the option that best suits us is the use we want to give the device. Are we going to use it for running or for walks, for swimming or cycling, for climbing or for playing basketball? What sport predominates in your training sessions, what activity do you want to plan and monitor in detail? These are the first questions to ask yourself.

From them you will begin to study the materials and design that best suit your priorities. Do you want a more flexible and lighter watch, or a more resistant one, a larger one or a more compact one? Everything will depend on the uses that you are going to give it.

Are you going to do sports during the day or at night, do you have good eyesight or do you find it difficult to see closely, do you opt for detail or simplicity in visualization? From the answers to these questions will emerge the type of screen that suits you best.

It will also be necessary to analyze in detail all aspects of the functions that you need. There are alternatives with basic functionalities such as stopwatches, alarms, and pedometers to others that contain GPS, locators, thermometers, and body parameter meters of all kinds

. Depending on the type of activity, the level of training, and your health circumstances, it will be convenient for you to have access to some data or others.

The level of impermeability and resistance to dust are essential issues to take into account, especially if we are going to expose the watch to adverse weather conditions or if we are going to swim with them. Generally, the best way to get an idea about these parameters is to check your IP certification.

It works as follows, the first digit refers to protection against dust and the second to waterproof. So, if we have IP67 or IP68 certifications, this means that it is equipment designed to prevent the entry of dust and resistant to shallow immersion. In the case of IP68, the degree of waterproofing is slightly higher.

Do you want to be able to stay connected to your phone while doing sports? Then you should study the connectivity of your sports watch.

The so-called smart watches can usually be paired to smartphones through USBs, Bluetooth, or Wi-fi systems. In this way, you can be aware of all your calls, notifications from social networks, and messages at all times, wherever you are.

The battery is another critical criterion, especially if we consider that it is one of the pending issues of many of these devices. The autonomies of sports watches, smartwatches, and activity wristbands range from 5-6 days to two weeks.

That is why you should be clear about the training times and plan the load periods to be able to take advantage of these devices.

Let’s talk a bit about prices. The truth is that some of the options available in the market may have somewhat high prices. Although many of them offer spectacular quality and benefits, we must pay attention to realistic utility criteria in our purchase, why ask for more than what is needed? In our selection, as you have seen, we mention a few quite complete products at very affordable prices!


As we can see, the number of criteria to take into account when purchasing a sports watch that suits our needs and our budgets is not small. Doing an exercise in specifying our objectives and our needs can be a good idea to start the search.

From there we will have to compare the different benefits made available to us, comparing different alternatives until we decide on the option most adapted to our circumstances.

It is also advisable to be aware of the opinions of previous users to get a more complete idea about the strengths and weaknesses of each device. In this way, we will avoid unforeseen events and unwanted surprises, and we will make sure to invest in products that add value to our activities.

The variety of these types of products is wide and the competition considerable, so all the information you can accumulate in this regard will help you make a much more coherent and appropriate decision.

If you want to take the leap in your workouts and become a true sports pro, sports watches are for you. And remember, your health and fitness will be more than grateful to you!

Frequently asked questions: We answer all your questions about sports watches

What is a sports watch?

It is a wrist device that, in addition to providing the benefits of a watch, such as the time, a stopwatch, or alarms, offers a series of services that can help athletes to record detailed information related to their practices and your fitness (mileage, heart rate, number of steps taken, etc.). Some of them also have built-in connectivity options, allowing them to be paired with mobile devices.

How to choose a sports watch?

The most important thing when determining which sports watch is best for you is knowing what you are going to use it for (for what type of activity, for what level of demand, etc.). Once we know this, we must look at issues such as materials and design, type of screen, impermeability and resistance to dust, the functionalities it offers, its autonomy and, of course, its price.

How to set the time on a sports watch?

Doing so is generally straightforward. Some devices have the time already established or establish it once you connect them to the internet. In others, you will have to go to the settings section and select it yourself. It will depend on the make and model.

How to wear a sports watch?

They are usually easy to use and intuitive devices. Most work through a touch screen where you can navigate and establish the preferences that suit us. Some complete their functions or dump the records through apps designed for it.

Where to buy a sports watch?

There are several ways to buy a sports watch, but the most comfortable is through the internet, either on the manufacturers’ portals or on online trading platforms such as Amazon or eBay. Some department stores and specialized stores also have them available in their establishments if we prefer to get hold of them in person.

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