Squash and pumpkin

The Differences between Pumpkin and Squash are given here. Squash are two different vegetables from cucurbit plants. Despite being different, in South America,

differences between pumpkin and squash
differences between pumpkin and squash

they are used as synonyms when talking about the species Cucurbita maxima.

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Its scientific name is Cucurbita maxima and it is a vegetable that comes from a cucurbitaceous plant native to the temperate zones of South America, its fruit is harvested ripe or immature and is the largest fruit in the whole family.

It is consumed immature as a seasonal vegetable and is presented in size competitions. Its rind is relatively thick when compared to other fruits of the same family. In some countries like the Dominican Republic and in northwestern South America it is known as Aoyama.

This term is also used to refer to hard-shelled berries from which the pulp is extracted and left to dry in order to be used as containers.


The term pumpkin is used in different regions to refer to pumpkins and other fruits of the cucurbits, however, it is often used to refer to zucchini.

This term is also used in some Spanish-speaking countries to refer to pumpkins.

There is a great variety of courgettes, being specially recognized those of the zucchini group, developed in Italy hundreds of years ago and which are valued for their flavor and their elongated and cylindrical shape.

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Differences between Pumpkin and Squash

  • A pumpkin is a fruit that belongs to the cucurbit family and is consumed in various ways. Depending on the country, it can be known as pumpkin, zucchini, or squash.
  • The term squash comes from the Quechua word sapallu and is used to refer to the fruits of the cucurbits. It is a common term in several South American nations. It is usually used to refer to courgettes, elongated cucurbit fruits of different species.
  • The pumpkin seeds are roasted and consumed with salt and spices.
  • The seeds of the squash are usually soft and are consumed directly with the squash.
  • The pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) is an annual herbaceous plant cultivated for its fruit, flower, and seed.

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