Stoics and Epicureans

Differences between Epicureans and Stoics
Differences between Epicureans and Stoics

Differences between Epicureans and Stoics are given here. Stoicism and Epicureanism are philosophical currents of the Hellenistic period that emerged in ancient Greece after the fall of Alexander the Great. Both have a great impact on the lifestyles of society as they are related to logic, ethics, and even theology.

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Stoicism is a philosophical doctrine founded by Zeno of Citius in 301 BC. The Stoic school practiced detachment from the passions that negatively influenced life through virtue and logic.

The goal of Stoicism is to live life to the fullest without dispensing with comforts, vices, low passions, and other emotions. It was a minimalist lifestyle that rejected materialism.

It is current with many philosophical, logical, physical, and theistic foundations, where providence played a central role by being the director of everything that happened so that they thought that the destiny of people had already been determined.

Stoicism is named after the conference site where Zeno met with his disciples, which was a portico known in Greek as Stoikós.


Epicureanism is the philosophical school that Epicurus founded, hence its name. This doctrine ensured that there is a way to find happiness and fulfillment through the control of pleasures, without having to give them up.

Furthermore, Epicureanism rejected fear of fate, providence, or the unknown. Well, the central idea of ​​the current is that the person makes their way by walking, that they carve out their own destiny through the decisions they make.

This is how they affirm that pleasures should be avoided or enjoyed depending on the impact they cause in the long term so that they reached the balance of body and mind. They did it to achieve a stable or happy state.

In addition to physical satisfactions (which must be tempered) such as appetite or sex, the Epicureans sought spiritual satisfactions, since they were more durable and comforted the soul.

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Differences between Epicureans and Stoics

  • Epicureanism owes its name to the founder of its school, Epicurus; while Stoicism gets its name from the place where Zeno of Citius congregated with his disciples.
  • The Epicureans had the purpose of mastering pleasure without renouncing it in order to achieve happiness (absence of pain). The Stoics regarded pleasure as the cause of all evil.
  • The Stoics gave prominence to the gods, unlike the Epicureans who taught not to fear the gods and their punishments.
  • For the Stoics, providence already has a plan drawn up for each one, you just have to let yourself be guided. For the Epicureans, the person makes her future through her actions which makes her free from the gods.
  • The Stoics had ethical, logical, and other conceptions, while Epicureanism was a purely ethical current.

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