Style and fashion

Differences between style and fashion
Differences between style and fashion

Differences between style and fashion are given here. When a person adopts a way of dressing that reflects their emotions or personality, it is said that they have their own style. On the other hand, the way in which garments or colors are combined for certain situations that merit the acceptance of more people is called fashion.

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Style is a term used in the world of fashion to determine the appearance of a person according to the way they dress, speak, walk, or act. It is the very essence of an individual.

When it refers to “style of clothing”, they are the garments that a person uses most, which represent their personality, for example: if they use black a lot it is because they like the way it looks and not precisely because they are in mourning.


It is the mass acceptance of something. When it comes to fashion or fashion trends, they are those items of clothing, accessories, or combinations in this field, which have been accepted by society at certain times, for example: in summer or winter.

Fashion is closely linked with marketing and in turn with the media, since both influence the needs of the community so that a garment becomes a trend and its use is psychologically useful.

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Differences between style and fashion

  • The style is created by the individual and modified as many times as you consider since it is something personal.
  • Fashion is apprehended through the media, which shows styles from other parts of the world and cultures.
  • The style is personal and does not merit the acceptance or opinions of others.
  • Fashion is something collective. It is based on the acceptance of society.
  • Fashion changes regularly as it depends on certain times or seasons to be accepted. For example, winter clothing items will not be used in the summer.

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