Synthesis and summary

difference between synthesis and summary
difference between synthesis and summary

The difference between synthesis and summary is given here. When we hear the terms synthesis and summary, we tend to confuse them or use them as synonyms. They are terms with very different definitions and applications.

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In literature, synthesis is writing where the main ideas of a text are identified. It presents the general ideas of the author, so it is the author who writes it.

In a book, the synthesis is presented at the beginning. This is usually the author’s point of view on the book or the summary of the content.

The synthesis is nothing more than the composition from the analysis of the components of a whole. It is the abbreviation of a text made in order to extract the information from the most important content.

Through a synthesis, the reader or author expresses the main idea in their own words and style. You can change the order of their appearance to suit your interests.

It is an effective way that facilitates the learning process.

These types of texts show the original intention of the author of the main text. New ideas or personal perceptions of the writer should be avoided, but they are not prohibited.


It is a writing that synthesizes all the main ideas of a text without exceeding 25% of the total length of the original text. Logical links are used to link the main ideas. Your writing takes an objective tone.

It is used to present literary works or advertising articles, in scientific articles identifying the objectives of the investigation, to demonstrate reading comprehension, to study.

Adding personal ideas on the topic or main ideas is prohibited.

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Difference between Synthesis and Summary

  • In the synthesis, we find the main ideas of a text.
  • In summary, we find the reduced representation of all the contents of a text.
  • In summary, the words that include main ideas are literally transcribed so as not to modify the meaning of the text.

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