Tactic and strategy

Difference between Tactic and Strategy
Difference between Tactic and Strategy

The Difference between Tactic and Strategy is given here. A tactic is that system or method developed in order to execute a plan and achieve a goal, while the strategy is a series of planned actions that facilitate decision-making in order to achieve the best results when reaching a goal.

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It is a method used in order to achieve a goal. It is understood as a tactic to the military art that deals with the use of the means of action in battle, the performance of the commands and the troops, and the missions under their charge. Today, this term has spread to other fields such as economics, gaming, navigation, negotiation, and commerce.

The term tactics come from the Greek “Taktikos” which means “Order”. When a tactic is carried out, the hierarchy scale must be taken into account, in which, who is in control of the work, the instructions for the team members, their functions, and their field of action to comply with the established points are defined. in tactics.

The tactic helps put resources in order to accomplish the objective. This reduces the margin of error by minimizing spontaneous actions that can jeopardize the plan.


It is a plan to address an issue. It is composed of a series of planned actions that help make decisions and achieve the best results. It is oriented to achieve a goal following a pattern of action.

A strategy is made up of a series of tactics, that is, it is made up of measures that make it possible to achieve one or more objectives.

The term strategy comes from the Latin strategia, which in turn derives from two Greek terms: Stratos which means “army” and again which means “driver” or “guide”.

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Difference between Tactic and Strategy

  • A strategy is a set of actions or measures that are applied in order to develop a previously established plan in order to achieve a goal.
  • The tactic is the method or system to follow to achieve an end. Applies to specific tasks and actions that are required to achieve a goal.
  • The strategy is global, it encompasses the entire objective.
  • The tactic corresponds to the specific fulfillment of the actions that have been outlined by the strategy.
  • The strategy organizes and keeps the project under control.
  • The tactic is responsible for keeping specific aspects of planning under control.
  • The strategy can be made up of one or more tactics to follow.

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