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The Best Vitamins for the Body

Vitamins are organic compounds that are obtained by eating some types of foods, or by taking nutritional supplements, as the body needs them in order to regulate many vital processes such as metabolism, maintain blood sugar levels, and protect the heart and the rest of the body’s organs, in addition to Preventing many diseases, and in order to obtain sufficient amounts of vitamins for the body, you must follow a healthy and balanced diet.

The best vitamins for the body

The Best Vitamins for the Body

This vitamin contributes to converting carbohydrates into energy. Any deficiency in vitamin B12 leads to fatigue, decreased concentration, and memory. It can be obtained by eating eggs, fish, and milk, or by taking vitamin B12 supplements.

This vitamin maintains the health of the nervous and mental system, produces neurotransmitters, and helps digest food. It can be obtained by eating fish, meat, or supplements that contain it.

It is one of the vitamins that is very important for the body, especially during pregnancy, as it protects the fetus from birth defects. It can be obtained from spinach and avocado.

This vitamin helps regulate blood sugar levels by converting existing sugar into energy. It also contributes to regulating the number of heartbeats and maintaining the health of brain cells. It can be found in fish, beans, and liqueur.

Vitamin A

This vitamin contributes to increasing energy levels in the body, and also helps eliminate toxins in the body. It can be obtained through chicken, avocado, and fish.

Vitamin C

It increases the body’s immunity and protects it from many diseases. It also contributes to reducing harmful cholesterol in the body. It can be obtained from strawberries, cauliflower, and oranges.

It also contributes to increasing the speed of wound healing, helping to absorb iron, and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It can be obtained It includes cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and plums.

Vitamin D

It can be obtained from sunlight, and it contributes to maintaining bone health and protecting them from osteoporosis. It can also be obtained from salmon, tuna, and fish.

Vitamin E

It contributes to providing the body with energy and maintaining healthy skin, and it can be obtained from spinach and peanuts.

Vitamin K2

This vitamin contributes to protecting the body from osteoporosis, as it contributes to strengthening bones, and it also contributes to helping blood clotting.

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