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tuna steak recipe

ahi tuna steak marinadeThis is an easy and elegant way to make tuna steaks that would be the envy of any restaurant! Serve with soy sauce or your favorite dipping sauce.

You don’t have to go to a fancy seafood restaurant to get your yellowfin tuna steak. Instead, try this basic Ahi Tuna Steak recipe that comes together in just seven minutes; no, seriously, all you need is seven minutes.

How to Buy Ahi Tuna

There are two types of tuna you can buy: bigeye tuna and yellowfin tuna. Bigeye tuna tends to have a buttery taste, while yellowfin tuna tends to have a milder taste. Both types of seared tuna can be used for this recipe.

best tuna steak recipe

Tuna should always be bought for sashimi or sushi if you intend to eat it raw. This means that the fish market has deemed it safe to eat raw.

How to Make Ahi Tuna Steak

Yellowfin tuna steaks are extremely easy to prepare, mainly because they are served rare or medium; they just have to be lightly browned on both sides for about a minute.

Yellowfin tuna has a mild flavor, so be sure to season it before cooking. In this recipe, tuna steaks are seasoned with salt and cayenne pepper and browned in a pan with butter, olive oil and whole peppercorns. You can also season your oven tuna steak with a simple sauce (such as teriyaki sauce, orange sauce, or soy sauce).

How to Cook Ahi Tuna Steaks from frozen

The best way to cook an oven tuna steak is in a pan on the stovetop, but they can also be seared or even baked or air fried on the grill.

frozen ahi tuna recipes

Pan-frying oven tuna steaks is the preferred method because it browns the fillets enough to leave them raw in the middle but with a crispy crust on the outside. Fry the fillets in a pan with butter, olive oil and peppercorns on each side for about 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes, depending on the degree of doneness desired.

Nicole’s Best Ahi Tuna Tips

Culinary producer Nicole McLaughlin (aka Nicole McMom) says these oven-baked tuna steaks are “the best way to bring a great dining experience to your home.” Here are some of her favorite tips and tricks to stun every time:

She doesn’t want to hide the natural fresh flavor of the tuna, so Nicole likes to season it with just salt and cayenne pepper.

There are two secrets to perfect cooking every time: you need very high heat (higher than you think according to Nicole) and a very dry surface.

The tuna should not be too dry before it reaches the pan, so if you are unsure, pat it dry with a paper towel.

Because oil has a higher smoke point than butter, it’s perfect for grilling tuna steaks in the oven, but if you’re like Nicole, you might want to add a little butter for more flavor.

Can You Freeze Ahi Tuna Steaks?

Yes, you can freeze raw and cooked tuna steaks. For raw tuna, wrap the fish first in plastic wrap, then in aluminum foil or place in a ziplock bag to seal.

Freeze for up to three months. If you take yellowfin tuna out of the freezer and don’t use it, you can’t refreeze it. Yellowfin tuna should never be refrozen if it has been previously frozen.

For seared yellowfin tuna, freeze leftovers in an airtight container or wrap in aluminum foil and store in a ziplock bag. Freeze for two to three months.

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