Four main Types of forces in nature

Four main types of forces are Gravitational forces, Electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, and Strong nuclear force. Some other examples of forces are given below in detail.
 Table of content:
  1.  What is force?
  2. SI unit of force
  3. Main Types of forces
  4. Examples of force
  5. List of all types of forces
  6. Contact forces
  7. Non-contact forces
  8. Gravitational force
  9. Electromagnetic force
  10. Strong nuclear force
  11. weak nuclear force
  12. Frictional force
  13. Normal force

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What is Force?

That vector magnitude by which a body can be set in motion, deformed, or modified in velocity is known under the name force. This is capable of transforming the state of rest or movement of a body and is measured in Newtons (N).

List of Four main Types of Forces

Gravitational force: is the force of attraction that arises between two bodies. This force is conditioned by the distance and mass of both bodies and decreases squared as the distance increases. Within this type of force is the weight that is the gravitational force that is exerted by the acceleration of the planet, be it Earth or any other. This gravitational force depends on the distance and the gravity in which the body is. The reaction torque of the weight is found on the planet. Electromagnetic force: it is the one that affects those bodies that are electrically charged. It is present in the chemical and physical transformations of both atoms and molecules. Strong nuclear interaction: it is the one that manages to keep the components of the atomic nuclei together. It acts between two nucleons, neutrons, or protons indistinctly and has a greater intensity than electromagnetic. Weak nuclear interaction: it is the one that achieves the beta decay of neutrons, neutrinos, is only sensitive to this kind of interaction. This type of force has less range than strong nuclear interaction and its intensity is less than electromagnetic.

What are the other different types of forces?

Different types of forces
Types of forces

There are different types of forces, some of them are: Elastic force: it is the one that the springs manage to exert that, out of their normal position, that is, when they are compressed or stretched and they manage to exert force, either by pushing or pulling a body. Friction force: is the contact force that arises when a body is slid on a surface and opposes this movement. Within this force, we find two types: the dynamic and the static. Static force establishes the minimum force required to move a body. This force is equivalent to the force needed to move a body, although in the opposite direction. The force that opposes the movement of a body is that of dynamic friction. Normal force: it is one that exerts a surface when it reacts to a body that slides on it.


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