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Types of Industries

What is Industry?

The industry is understood as a series of activities and processes whose objective is to obtain products made from the transformation of raw materials. There are4 types of industry, These are primary industry, secondary industry, tertiary industry, and quaternary industry.

What are the main Types of industry?

types of industries

According to the number of workers.

  1. Large industry: in these industries, the number of workers exceeds 1000.
  2. Medium industry: in these, the number is between 50 and 1000 employees.
  3. Small industry: in these, the number of employees does not exceed 50.

According to the sector. According to the sector to which the processed products are destined are the following industries:

  1. Base: in these industries is where the production process begins as raw materials are transformed into semi-finished products that other industries then transform in their entirety.
  2. Capital equipment: these industries take those products made by the base industries and use them to manufacture equipment and machinery that are used by the industries.
  3. Consumer goods: these produce products that are purchased directly by consumers for their use.

According to the quantity of raw material. According to the amount of raw material used throughout the production process, the following industries are found:

  1. Heavy: this class of industries works with a high quantity of raw materials that are transformed into semi-finished products.
  2. Semi-light: these industries use semi-processed products throughout the production processes, so the percentage of raw material used is less than in heavy industry. Generally, the semi-light industry is dedicated to the production of capital goods.
  3. Light: in these industries, the quantity of raw materials with which they work is low, which means that they do not require numerous machinery and can be located close to the market they are targeting. Industries oriented to the production of consumer goods are generally located here.

According to the level of development. According to the level of development in production are the following industries:

  1. Mature: in this class of industries their production is stagnant because they have reached their maximum level of development. Generally, this is due to the use of incorrect technologies. This situation is currently observed in heavy industry.
  2. Of tip: these industries, on the other hand, are those that are going through a stage of growth and expansion in their production. The industries that currently fall into this category are, for example, telecommunications and computers.

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