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Types of promotion

There are millions of ways to combine them in our promotional campaign, almost every campaign use one or more of different types of promotion are: personal selling promotion, direct marketing promotion, advertising promotion, public relations promotion, sponsorship promotion, sales promotion, and digital promotion.

Promotions are marketing techniques, for purposes determined by the company itself. They are characterized by being used for a short period.

Promotions can be classified according to who is targeted:

  1. Distributors: these are implemented by producers (intended for distributors or retailers) or by distributors (towards retailers). They are used when new products are launched on the market or they are relaunched, to increase the number of sales, so that the stock does not decrease at certain times of the year, decrease competition or encourage better business relationships.
    Generally, to apply these promotions discounts are made, that is to say, that prices decrease, but raffles, contests, etc. can also be used.
  2. Consumer: these techniques are implemented by producers, it is usual for discounts to be made on certain products in a certain period of time. They are usually very effective, but there have been cases where end consumers do not have access to the discount, but rather it is in favor of the distributors.
    In addition to discounts, it is normal for contests, raffles, points or gifts to be awarded, among many others.
  3. SalesForce: they are used in order to increase the sale of certain products, also to certain areas or clients. The means by which they are used is through travel delivery or rewards.

Types of Promotion In marketing

They can also be classified according to the means used:

  1. Samples: in this case, small presentations are made, exposing the benefits of the product. Tastings are also held.
  2. Personal: next to the exhibited products, there is an envoy to the brand to promote them.
  3. Tickets: tickets or coupons are delivered in order to have discounts on the final price of certain products
  4. 2 X 1: in this case with the purchase of one product you can access another for free. It is also common that with the purchase of a product the second will have a discount, for example, of ten, twenty, fifty percent.
  5. Presentations: the presentation of the products is modified, such as their packaging.
  6. Gifts: inside the packaging there may be surprises or gifts.
  7. Exchanges: its packaging or some part of it can be used to exchange for the same product or a gift.


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