Uber and taxi

Difference between Uber and Taxi
Difference between Uber and Taxi

The Difference between Uber and Taxi is given here. Uber is a company that offers a  private transportation network through a mobile application that connects passengers with the drivers of vehicles registered with its service.

A taxi is a means of transport that consists of a vehicle with a driver who offers transport service to a person or a small group of passengers directed to a destination for money or a contract, where the user determines the place of collection and arrival.

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Differences Uber Cab
Definition It is an application that connects drivers registered in the application and approved by the company, and users and allows us to offer a safe and comfortable private transport service. It is a means of transport that consists of a vehicle with a driver who offers his transport services to a person or group of people.
Help channels If you have a problem, you can contact the company by email, the application, Telegram, or the authorized phones for each country. It depends on the law in force in each country. If it is a taxi company or cooperative, you should go to their customer service office. If not, you should go to the transport or consumer protection office in your country.
Insurance All vehicles must have current insurance. Uber recommends its drivers different insurance depending on the country where they provide the service. Depending on the country, legal taxis must have civil liability insurance for injury and death of third parties and damage to property.
Drivers An Uber driver must be 21 years of age or older, with a clean violation record and no criminal record. The requirements will depend on a cooperative or taxi company. Some countries require a special type of driver’s license. In countries where the service is not controlled, people with criminal records can become taxi drivers.
Car They must be from 2006 onwards, in good condition, with four doors, and with a functional trunk. They are required to pass the legal controls required by the country. In some countries, vehicles are required to be no more than 15 years old and must pass annual checks. Some require a meter.
Payment system You can only pay with a credit or debit card previously registered in the application. They can only be canceled in cash unless the taxi has a dataphone for the use of credit and debit cards.
Promotions and price variations The rates are established in the application when the user enters the place of collection and the destination. Prices are usually lower than those of taxis, but in times of high demand, rates can go up. The rate is established by the meter, which is programmed and regulated by the competent institution. In countries where taxis are not regulated, rates are imposed by taxi drivers and their companies.
Legal situation Uber presents itself as a company that facilitates a transportation application and not as a transportation company, a legal vacuum that allows it to avoid the controls and taxes that are charged to taxi drivers and cooperatives. This has caused him to be removed from many countries until an agreement is reached. In countries with control over taxi companies, they must respect taxes and controls, in addition to paying
Availability The Uber application can be downloaded for free on your mobile phone. When requesting an Uber you can set the pick-up point, with this the application defines precisely where it is and how long your driver will arrive. It also determines the route it will take to get you to your destination. Uber is always available during peak hours. Even if the taxi belongs to a company that you can call for the service, you do not know the time it will take or the route it will follow to get to the collection point and even the route it will follow to take you to your destination. Some taxi drivers even go off course to overcharge unsuspecting or unfamiliar passengers. If you don’t have the number of a taxi company, you will have to walk the streets to stop one and request the service.
Security Uber guarantees the safety of its users by checking the background of its drivers. However, there have been cases of rapes and kidnappings in their units. As the route is specified in the application, any detour can alert you to suspicious behavior and you can react in time to any threat. Also, you can check the driver’s record and evaluate her score in the application before accepting it or not. If you wish, you can share your route in real-time with your family or someone you trust, that way, they will be aware of you. Another important aspect is that an Uber driver will keep the unit clean and safe. They do not smoke in it and do not seek to establish any conversation that you do not want to have. In taxis your safety is not guaranteed, you do not know the route you will follow and the driver can deviate if he wishes. Some irregular taxi drivers (who are self-employed and do not belong to a company or cooperative) can be very dangerous, they can rob you, kidnap you or rape you. The cases of assaults are much higher if we compare them with Uber. Even if the taxi driver has no ill intentions, any change in the route or suspicious gestures will fill your trip with anxiety and worry. Taxi drivers often smoke or eat in the units and do not keep them clean. Some insist on knowing your life or making some kind of conversation even if you don’t want to.
Promotions and discounts Uber constantly offers promotions and discounts through codes that are shared between users, influencers, and more. They do not have promotions or discounts unless it is a private taxi driver who establishes a special contract with you or it is a company that values ​​the relationship with its customers.


Uber is an international company that provides its customers with a private transport network through mobile application software. The function of this application is to connect passengers with the drivers of vehicles registered with Uber, where they offer a transportation service to individuals.

When requesting an Uber from the application, the person selects the driver closest to them and enters the destination data. The cost of the trip is charged directly to the credit or debit card and the driver takes the person to the destination indicated in the application.

It is a safe service with tracking through GPS from the moment a vehicle is contracted. At the end of the journey, both the driver and the user qualify each other to maintain the quality and safety of the service.

They offer various services:

  • Uber X.
  • Uber XL.
  • Uber Black.
  • Uber SUV.
  • Uber Pool.
  • Uber Select.
  • Uber VIP.
  • UberAIR (Uber Elevate).
  • UberEATS (food delivery service).


It is a means of transport that consists of a rental vehicle with a driver who offers transport services to a person or a small group of passengers directed to the same or different destinations in exchange for money.

In general, the pick-up and drop-off location is determined by the user and allows a quick, comfortable, and direct movement.

The user pays a fee in cash in exchange for the service provided. This rate can be established by the driver, the taxi company based on the distance traveled, or a taximeter (a device that records the time of service or the distance traveled).

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Difference between Uber and Taxi

  • Uber is a technological platform that facilitates the connection between drivers and users seeking a safe and comfortable trip. On this platform, the drivers are certified and the journey is monitored via GPS.
  • The cost of the journey in Uber is defined by the route established by the GPS at the time the user indicates their starting position and destination.
  • The costs for service in UBER are charged to the user’s credit card.
  • Uber works through an application that connects users with certified private drivers.
  • A taxi is a private transport system that you can access from the street or by calling a taxi center. It is a door-to-door service, that is, from where you are to your destination.
  • The taxi driver asks where you are going.
  • The driver of an Uber does not ask where you are going, he just follows the GPS directions.
  • A taxi requires cash to pay, although some newer models include a system for payment with cards or p2p technologies.

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