Difference Between Uniform And Variable Velocity

Difference between uniform velocity and variable velocityThe basic difference between Uniform velocity and variable velocity is that a body moving with uniform velocity has zero acceleration, while a body that is moving with variable velocity has some acceleration. Uniform velocity is the vector quantity while non-uniform or variable velocity is a scalar quantity.

What is velocity?

Velocity is the rate of change of displacement or the distance covered by the body in a definite Direction. Unit: Velocity is a vector quantity and its unit is meter p second written as m/s in SI units. See also: Speed Vs Velocity

What is uniform velocity?

When the speed and direction of motion of a body do not change, the velocity is said to be uniform velocity.

What is the variable velocity?

When the velocity of the body changes of either Its speed changes or direction or both of them, such velocity is called a variable velocity. A car is moving on a straight path, sometimes it moves faster and sometimes slower, thereby its speed is changing. The velocity of the body is said to be changing though its direction remains the same. ii). If a body moves in a circle with a constant speed their magnitude of the velocity changes in both these cases changes in velocity takes place. That Is the velocity Is variable.

Difference between uniform and variable velocity in tabular form


                UNIFORM VELOCITY                             VARIABLE VELOCITY


If the displacements covered by a body in equal intervals of time are same then its velocity is said to be a uniform velocity If the displacements covered by a body in equal intervals of time are not equal, then its velocity is said to be variable velocity.

Effect of change on magnitude or direction

The velocity of a body remains uniform if there is no charge in magnitude or direction. The velocity of a body is variable due to the change in its magnitude or direction or both.


If a body moves with uniform velocity its acceleration is zero. If the body moves with variable velocity It has Some acceleration

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