Urban and rural

Differences between Urban and Rural
Differences between Urban and Rural

The Differences between Urban and Rural is given here. When we talk about the difference between rural and urban we are talking about something really evident that, despite everything, it is often difficult to understand given the characteristics of some rural environments that are beginning to urbanize.

In order not to have any doubts when hearing both terms, it is convenient to know their meanings:

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It comes from the Latin Urbanus, it is an adjective that refers to everything that belongs to a city. Cities are regions with a high population density, their inhabitants are not engaged in farm work and work in industry or in the business sector known as secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy.

Cities are characterized by having vertically developed housing such as buildings, few green spaces, and efficient transport and communication systems.

The urban environment is one that has more than 2000 inhabitants.

Urban is called a type of art that occurs on public roads.


A rural environment is one that has a great supply of natural resources, its inhabitants develop a strong sense of belonging to the territory that has offered them the various components necessary to build a society.

The economic activities frequently carried out in a rural environment are livestock and agriculture, also including their derivative activities.

     A rural environment will be protected according to the laws of your country to prevent it from being urbanized.

Some rural environments may have less than 2,000 inhabitants while others may have 10,000, depending on the population, the environment will have some typical amenities of an urban environment. Rural art is a traditionalist and is focused on the preservation of the culture of the place.

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Differences between Urban and Rural

  • The urban environment has a high population density, the rural one does not.
  • Urban environments have a wide variety of services that guarantee the comfort of its inhabitants.
  • In the urban environment, there are vertical development houses, in the countryside, the houses can have one or two floors.
  • Rural art is protected, urban art tends to be persecuted.

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