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Uses of Convex Lens

A gray lens, also called a contact or fine lens, is thicker in the middle. Light rays passing through a convex lens approach or approach. Concave lenses have various applications such as in microscope, magnifying lens, camera, over calibration correction etc.

Uses of Convex Lens

Uses of Convex Lens

  • Magnifying glasses
  • Eyeglasses
  • Cameras
  • Microscopes

A convex lens is a contact lens. So when different light rays pass through the lens, the refracted rays converge at the focus.

The angle at which light rays enter a concave lens depends on the distance of the lens from the object. The image created by the convex lens is real. Some convex lens applications are described in the following points.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to use a convex lens is in a magnifying glass. As the light rays enter the convex lens of the telescope, the lens is focused on a fixed focus before the focus and once the mirror is at the desired distance, the focus will reach the object. Therefore, maximum strengthening of the material is done.

Myopia or myopia can occur because the glass does not properly focus light on the retina. In a farsighted person, the eye focuses the image behind the retina.

Therefore, it is difficult to focus on objects near the eyes. A dark lens placed in front of the eye bends the light rays, making the focal length smaller and light focused more clearly on the retina.

The camera makes extensive use of a convex lens, focusing and enhancing the image. Almost all lenses have a convex lens followed by a concave lens followed by a second convex lens. The first lens controls the magnification level of the image as it moves away from or toward the object.

Microscopes use convex lenses to create highly magnified images of very small objects. Simple microscopes are mostly three lenses. The lens at the end of a simple microscope produces a distorted and magnified image.

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