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Uses of Electroplating

We know that one of the main applications of electroplating is the coating of a surface with a soft metal with the help of an electromagnetic process.

Uses of Electroplating

This system has many applications in manufacturing and various other applications. Below are some practical applications of electroplating.

Some Applications & Uses of Electroplating 

  • Aesthetics
  • Commercial applications
  • To prevent corrosion
  • Conduction of Electricity
  • Reduce friction
  • To protect from radiation

Rare and expensive precious metals such as gold and silver are very common examples of this application.

With the help of electroplating machines, thin layers of these valuable metals can be covered with an inexpensive metal that can give the final product an attractive appearance at a low cost. This is one of the commercial applications of electronics today. This process is used to design jewelry and other products.

Electroplating is used on automotive components with a thin layer of chrome for better texture and appearance. They are also available for various other customized devices.

Since metals tend to corrode with other natural elements, a thin layer of stainless steel covering the dirt can help iron and steel last longer than usual. .

Use electrical conductors such as gold and silver in integrated circuits used in computers, telephones and other electronic devices. But, due to the slightly higher price of these metals, these high-quality precious metals can be applied as a thin layer to other metals, and help in conducting electricity.

In addition to these uses, electrical bonding can be used in other areas where we can reduce friction by introducing one type of metal over another.

Metal filtration also helps to protect metals from many environmental factors such as radiation and abrasion by providing necessary characteristics for surfaces where they lack their properties.

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