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Uses of Plane Mirrors

We know that the best use of a telescope is to see the picture of things. We use mirrors almost everywhere we need to figure out what’s behind us. The invention of glass is the greatest contribution to humanity.

Uses of Plane Mirrors

Uses of Plane Mirrors

  • Periscopes and kaleidoscopes
  • Torch Lights
  • Looking Glasses
  • Solar Cooker
  • Security

The mirrors are used to make periscopes for submarines and children’s favorite kaleidoscopes. Mirrors used in submarine periscopes project an image of all existing ships on the ocean surface. while the mirrors used in kaleidoscopes show many colored images including colored glass.

Used in lamps and lanterns to reflect the light beam, it is also used in overhead projectors for the same reason. These air glass tests can be used to detect under a torch and of course in dark places at night.

We wake up every morning and use mirrors for our first look, brushing our teeth, putting on makeup, etc. Without mirrors, it would be very difficult to do these things. Contoured mirrors are also used as sweeping mirrors to see a larger image of the face.

In a solar cooker, the windshield of an airplane reflects most of the sunlight falling on it. The most efficient way to use renewable energy for cooking is a solar cooker.

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