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Uses Of Transformer

Transformers are used to transfer current from one circuit to another, without physical contact between them, without changing frequency or phase.

Uses Of Transformer

Depending on the type, the transformer has different uses. Some common applications are outlined below.

  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Measurement Transformers
  • Indoor Transformers
  • Outdoor Transformers

Uses of Transformers and Applications

Electrical Transformers: Such transformers are used in high voltage power transmission applications (above 33 kV). They are usually larger and can take up more space.

Distribution transformers: These types of transformers are used to distribute power generated in remote areas. It is used in industry for low-voltage distribution below 33 kV or below 220-440 V for domestic use.

Transformer measurement: Such use of transformer helps in measuring voltage, current and power.

Transformers are classified according to application:

Indoor Transformers: These are covered with roofs and supports similar to the industrial types.

External Transformers: These are mostly installed outdoors and are used as distribution type transformers.

Chemical engineering such as electrolysis and electroplating by designing the production process is usually motivated by the regulated current flow provided with the help of a transformer so that the current flow can be regulated according to the formula.

The metal forming process requires more electricity to melt and weld the metal and less electricity to cool it. In all these applications, transformers provide a well-controlled current.

Transformers are also used in battery charging system. The voltage must be properly controlled to avoid any damage to the internal battery components which can only be done with the help of a transformer.

The presence of a transformer in the circuit breaker can help start and stop the current flow with the help of a circuit breaker and therefore, can save any damage due to high voltage current.

One of the most common applications of transformers is alternating current usage which helps increase efficiency and ultimately reduce electricity costs.

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