Utopia and dystopia

Differences between Utopia and Dystopia
Differences between Utopia and Dystopia

The Differences between Utopia and Dystopia are given here. It is common for the terms dystopia and utopia to be confused, at least among people not used to them. To understand its meaning, keep reading.

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The term utopia derives from the Greek ou and topic, which literally means “no place” indicating that there is no such place. This word was selected to describe an ideal society and therefore does not exist.

These types of republics or cities are imagined as the best of what we will ever know.

Tomas Moro coined the term for a work of the same name, in it, Utopia was the name of an island whose social, police and economic organization was perfect.

Utopias are desirable systems that seem elusive or can only be enjoyed in the imagination. Generally, a utopia is a futuristic representation of a society where the common health and well-being are favorable.

There are several types of utopias, in all of them the scope of that ideal goal is established, of perfection in the field they describe.

  • Social Utopias.
  • Economic Utopia.
  • Ecologist utopia.
  • Political and historical utopia.
  • Religious utopia.


A dystopia is an undesirable fictional society. They are introduced in novels, series, essays, video games, and movies. The concept comes from the Anglo-Saxon culture. It is also known as a negative utopia.

Dystopias describe societies that are a consequence of current social trends that lead to undesirable situations.

That is why dystopias vary according to the time in which they are related or represented, previously they represented the dangers of socialism, the dystopia of today represents the danger of capitalism and war.

Some dystopia is presented as utopias until the viewer delves into the story and discovers that it contains characteristics of a dystopia that are absolutely necessary for the functioning of society.

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Differences between Utopia and Dystopia

  • The differentiation between utopia and dystopia occurs between the 18th and 20th centuries.
  • Dystopia attacks the defects of society.
  • Utopia shows an ideal society.

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