Values ​​and principles

We often confuse the terms between values ​​and principles, however, from a practical and conceptual

Differences between Values and Principles
Differences between Values and Principles

l point of view, they are very different. A value is an attributed quality and a principle is a law or rule necessary for the functioning of a system or a society.


Values ​​are qualities of a subject or an object. They are added to physical or psychological characteristics, that is, they are attributed to a person or object by an individual or a social group. It is a conferred quality, a negative or positive estimate.

The existence of a value is the result of an interpretation that society makes about the usefulness, importance, or interest of an object or person according to its criteria or interpretation. They are a sentimental projection.

Values ​​such as honesty, respect, loyalty, solidarity, love, sincerity, and others build necessary virtues in our social environment. Values ​​are limited to culture, group, tradition, or religion.


Principles are laws or rules that are met or followed as a purpose in order to achieve an end. For example, natural law is a physical principle. The principles of a system or discipline are the reflection of the essential characteristics of that system. That is, they are necessary for a system or society to function. In the case of scientific principles, they are necessary to use such a system.

The moral values ​​that govern a person’s behavior can be called a principle. In this case, the principles guide actions as a norm.

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Differences between Values ​​and Principles

  • Values ​​are positive or negative qualities inherent in a person, group, or object. They are the result of the interpretation made by an individual or group and have a strong sentimental component.
  • Principles are laws or regulations that must be followed for the normal operation of a system. In the case of the principles of conduct, we can find that they are used as synonyms for the moral values ​​under which a person governs their behavior.

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