Visa and passport

Difference between Visa and Passport
Difference between Visa and Passport

The Difference between Visa and Passport is given here. To go on a trip to places outside the country of origin, a special identification is required that grants the exit permit and grants entry to a foreign country. If you intend to travel in business or study interests, a visa is required. On the other hand, for long stays, the passport is the option.

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A visa or visa is an identification document that is issued by a country that allows the entry or exit of individuals for a well-established period of timeĀ and that is registered within the laws of the country that processes it.

To obtain a visa or visa, legal and current documentation is required, as well as paperwork intended to know the interests of the person since among the characteristics of the visa is the exchange of knowledge, business, education, or political interests of a country to another.


The passport is a document with international validity that a citizen requests from the documentation system of their country of origin.

It is framed within agreements between countries, to grant permission to their citizens to transit for a period of time established in the territories of the member countries of the treaty.

The time of stay in the foreign country is relative to the interest or object for which the trip is made, in the migration offices located on each border of the countries they grant exit and entry through stamps, which validate the transfer of the person either for tourism, business or shopping reasons.

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Difference between Visa and Passport

  • The passport is the form of control to leave the native country and identify yourself abroad.
  • The visa or visa is the permission that a country grants to enter its territory.
  • The passport proves nationality and fulfills the same function with a card.
  • The visa is attached to the passport as identification of the permit granted by the country in question.
  • Citizens of a country that requires a visa to enter its territory must also have a personal visa.
  • The passport is not mandatory for residents of a country as long as they do not warrant leaving it.

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