Vision and mission

The differences between mission and vision are given here. When studying companies, it is common for us to find the vision and mission, texts that usually indicate the

differences between mission and vision
differences between mission and vision

purpose of the company, why it is there. They differ one from the other in very particular details.

To avoid confusing both terms, we simply must remember the following: The mission responds to “What is our reason for being?” and the vision responds to “What do we want to become?”

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The vision is created by who runs the company, this person must assess and analyze many of the aspirations of all those who make up the organization, whether internal or external agents.

To formulate a vision we must create a perfect or ideal image of the project or future of the company. This image must be put in writing.

Vision is important because it is the source of inspiration for the business, it keeps the initiative and guidance alive, from the vision you can obtain the strength to endure difficult times and focus on working for a reason.

The vision:

  • It stimulates the commitment and excitement of meeting the goals of those who make up the organization.
  • Encourage all members of the company to behave according to the vision of the company.
  • A well-written and established vision avoids modifications by avoiding insecurity in the company.

Answer the following:

  • “Where do we want to go?”
  • “What are your wishes?”
  • “What do we want to become?”
  • “Where are we headed?”
  • “What future image do we want to project?”
  • “What do we want to become?”


It is the motive or reason for being of an organization, institution, or company. It is focused on presenting and justifying the actions of the company.

It will depend on the activity that the organization carries out and the needs of the population to which the product or service is directed, as well as the market.

It is the image that the company proposes to provide in the long term.

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Differences between Mission and Vision

  • The mission is the main objective of the organization, it is the reason for its existence. Indicates to whom your products or services are directed.
  • The vision is the future projection of the company, what you want to become in the future.

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