Healthy Foods and Vitamins

Vitamins for the Body

The human body needs a lot of vitamins and minerals that provide it with a lot of energy, protect it from many diseases, and maintain the correct growth of the body.

Vitamins are organic compounds that have vital functions, are produced naturally in the body, and are taken from many foods or nutritional supplements.

Vitamins for the body

During this article, we will mention the most important vitamins that you should pay attention to taking, and eating the foods that contain them. This is to protect our bodies from many diseases and infections.

Vitamins for the Body

Vitamin A maintains bone health, especially teeth, preventing osteoporosis, protecting the mucous membranes in the body, and protecting the skin from premature aging and wrinkles.

When the body does not take a sufficient amount of vitamin A, this causes the eye to suffer from night blindness and dryness of the cornea.

It is possible to suffer from inability to see over time, and it is possible to obtain vitamin A from leafy vegetables, liver, seafood, especially fish, carrots, potatoes, squash, eggs, and cheese.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps increase the absorption of calcium in the body, protect children from rickets, and protect bones and teeth. One of the most important sources from which vitamin D can be obtained is: Sunlight, as well as sardines, egg products, mushrooms, and grains.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps form red blood cells and prevents the body from oxidation. This vitamin is found in corn oil, almonds, all types of nuts, milk, and whole grains. Such as lentils, chickpeas, avocado, and kiwi.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps blood clotting, and when it is deficient in the body, it causes bleeding, especially in wounds. Vitamin K is available in parsley, vegetables, fish, liver, avocado, and kiwi.

Vitamin B1

Many people call it biotin, as it is one of the most important vitamins for the body. It converts carbohydrates into energy. It also maintains heart health and protects nerve cells.

When it is deficient in the body, this causes weakness of the nervous system, as well as fatigue while walking, loss of muscle feeling, and injury to the body. Accelerated heartbeat and shortness of breath. It is possible to obtain this vitamin from yeast, potatoes, oranges, and eggs.

Vitamin B7

It is also called vitamin biotin, as it accelerates the metabolism process and the production of hormones. When it is deficient in the body, it causes inflammation of the intestines and many skin infections. It is possible to obtain this vitamin by eating egg yolks, milk, nuts, yeast, and liver.

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