List of Best Watches for kids

Best watches for kids, telling the time is the least of it, taking into account all that they can do. And it goes without saying that kids love these things. If you are thinking of buying a smartwatch for your child, we have compiled a list of the best smartwatches for children. And it is that if it is the little ones, they can play on their smartwatch or receive a message from their parents.

They are more than just toys as they allow you to set alarms or create to-do lists. Whether it’s for her birthday or as a special gift, they are worth considering. At the end of the article, you can take a look at our tips for buying a good smartwatch for children.

In our ranking and a comparative table of the best watches for children, you will be able to see their characteristics and functions. Then you will see an analysis of each of them, from children’s watches that include calls and GPS tracking to smartwatches that have a camera or games but without GPS or calls.

List of 8 best watches for kids

  • Save family
  • I amMomo Space 4G
  • Xplora smartwatch
  • V-Kids Watch by Vodafone
  • Kurio V 2.0
  • Garmin Vivofit Jr
  • VTech Kidizoom
  • VTech Star Wars

GPS watches for kids


Save Family GPS watch for children

SaveFamily smartwatch is one of the best. It is a great watch with GPS for children that allows you to locate the little ones and can act as a telephone. The boy or girl can receive and make calls with him and all under the supervision of the parents. You can also define a geographical safety zone and send voice messages.

The battery can last two days by making a couple of calls a day. Of course, to function as a phone, you need a micro SIM, contract or prepaid phone card.

You can access a Private Chat, send audio, and text chat from the parents’ app. From the watch, they respond with audio messages and all this in real-time.

Telephone and GPS locator

It has an SOS button, which by pressing it for a few seconds, calls the predefined contacts. It has geolocation, safe zones and route tracking. For this, it has 3 built-in positioning systems (GPS, WIFI, GSM), which locate in the most precise way both inside and outside buildings.

And if you are interested, you can access the route history, where you will see the areas through which your son or daughter has passed in the last 90 days. In addition, the Superior model has a camera, so children can take photos and send them to the parents’ APP.

It is possible to configure various alarms and reminders, in addition to measuring the steps they take per day. It is resistant to splashes and brief splashes in the pool. In conclusion, an excellent gift for the little ones, replacing a mobile and with several models to choose from. More information at Save Family  | Read the opinions.

Main features:
  • Eye protection color screen. The Superior model has a camera.
  • Rechargeable battery life 2 days.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Emergency call. Text messages and audio chat.
  • Phone calls. Requires SIM card not included.
  • GPS, WIFI, GSM locationCompatible with iOS and Android.

SoyMomo Space 4G Kids GPS Watch

It is a watch for children with GPS that is designed for children from 3 years. It works with the 4th generation of mobile phone technology, which allows better communication and connectivity, a signal with greater precision and accuracy for GPS.

It has a front camera, makes and receives calls from up to 10 contacts, and can send and receive voice messages. In addition, it has a flashlight, a step counter, and an SOS button that will send a notification to the parents’ mobile, in case they need help.

In addition, the SoyMomo App offers parents the option to call them, monitor their location in real-time, and access the call and location history.

Calls with 4G coverage and text messages

It is resistant to splashing water but not suitable for swimming. And it is available in three colors, black, blue and pink, with a very attractive aesthetic for the little ones in the house. Like the other smartwatches for children, you need a nano SIM card from a telephone company, with credit for calls and also with data for GPS positioning.

It is also possible to connect to WiFi, for better tracking in closed places. As for the battery, although it will depend on the use, it usually lasts 30 hours with the GPS in normal mode (every minute). And to make it a little longer, GPS mode options are available every 3 and 5 minutes. A great option for boys and girls. See more on SoyMomo. Read customer reviews.

Main features:
  • Design for young children. Complete parental control. Frontal camera.
  • Resistant to splashing water but not for swimming.
  • Autonomy 30 hours in normal use. 1.4 “Touch screen.
  • App compatible with iOs and Android.
  • Phone with calls and text messages. No Bluetooth connection.
  • You need Nano SIM card.
  • GPS locator, AGPS, LBS, WIFI.
  • Recommended age: 3 to 12 years.

Xplora Smartwatch children with GPS

Norway’s Xplora was one of the first to launch a smartwatch for children. And you’re ready to make your wearable more kid-friendly. The Xplora 3S features a waterproof design so you can enjoy it and keep taking calls.

And with a camera now on board to take pictures. The safety of children is a priority of the device with very interesting features. Among them, phone call support and real-time location tracking.

In addition, it allows parents to set up security zones. On the other hand, you need a nano-SIM card with your own number, which is not included.

Phone calls and GPS locator

But that card needs to have voice and data activated to be able to use all its functionalities. It works with the main operators, Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo and Masmovil. With its parental control app, Xplora is fully configured and controlled.

Voice calls can be made and received from numbers preset by parents. So, only the people who have the watch paired receive the messages. It uses a unique combination of GPS, GSM, and WiFi to provide the most accurate location information, both indoors and outdoors.

And as for the battery, the Xplora 3S lasts 40-60 hours with normal use. So, if you still don’t want a mobile for your son or daughter, with this great smartwatch they will be happy and you will enjoy the peace of mind of having it located. More information at Xplora  | See customer reviews.

Main features:
  • Color touch screen. Rechargeable battery with a duration of 1 day and a half.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Security zones.
  • Emergency call. Text messages.
  • Phone calls. Requires SIM card not included.
  • GPS location. GSM and WiFi. Compatible with iOS and Android 5.0-8.0.


V-Kids Watch by Vodafone with GPS


A good watch that has all the functionalities for a little one. Their main focus is to be watching your child at all times. The watch is of a nice design and bright colors for children.

With a soft silicone strap and a plastic dial, it is strong and sturdy, ideal for your children. Inside the watch, there is a Vodafone SIM card that transmits GPS location data at all times. There is also an SOS button on the side.

If your child holds it down for five seconds, it will send an alert to the phones of all family members, along with information about your child’s whereabouts.

Like other children’s watches, this one has some smart features. Your child will be able to see the time, the weather, and the reminders you have set for them.

Voice messages and GPS locator

You can also play with the calculator, a voice changer and a very basic game. These last three functions can be disabled in the accompanying application.

Also, this kids watch has a very basic chat function. Your child can send and receive 30-second voice memos from friends and family. Even communicate using a selection of kid-selected emojis. However, the quality of the voice memos is not too good, but you can hear everything you need.

Interestingly, you can disable friend chat in school mode, but you can’t disable family chat. But this can be negative in some cases of parents who would spend all day chatting with their children. Careful with that. The notifications you get from SOS mode seem too easy to forget. When your child presses the SOS button, you will get only a notification.

You can manage the monthly subscription € 5 / month yourself and decide when you want to use it from the Vodafone app. It’s well designed, kid-friendly, and location tracking works perfectly. See more on Vodafone  | Read the comments.

  • Strong and resistant.
  • Reminder alerts and SOS button. Calculator and basic games.
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion with the autonomy of up to 2 days.
  • 30-second voice messages. Monthly subscription (€ 4 / month on offer).
  • Gps locator, GSM.
  • Recommended age: 4-10 years.

How to choose a good smartwatch for children

It may be that you have ever asked for a mobile or an iPad. However, a smartwatch for kids is a great tool to keep them entertained until they get a little older. It’s also a great way to introduce her to technology in a more age-appropriate way.

In this guide, we focus on the best watches for kids and even teens. So we’ve scoured the world of smartwatches to find the best ones for kids. They are recommendations for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Do smartwatches for kids need a SIM card?

Most adult smart watches are connected to their phones. That way they get all the information they need to call or text via Bluetooth. However, children’s watches are designed not to be tied to phones .

Therefore, the models that allow you to make calls or send messages will do so through data and will need a SIM card. But below you will see the available options.

Types of children’s watches

  • On the one hand, there are some that only allow access to their own games for children, but not to make calls. They may even have a camera for photos and videos. But they don’t have a phone or GPS.
  • On the other hand, we find some smartwatch models for children, which also have Bluetooth connectivity. This allows them to send text and even voice messages . But of course, they do not make calls or work like a telephone.
  • And finally, there are those that use a SIM card to access the mobile network, make calls, messages or send a GPS signal. Although that SIM card is not normally included. They are the most complete and with which you can truly be in contact with your child and track it.

Children’s smartwatch safety and compatibility

Almost all smartwatches for children are compatible with any mobile phone. You will have to download an application on your phone, which is specific to your child’s watch. Even if the watch is connected through a different operator, it can make calls and be monitored by your own mobile.

The issue of online security and privacy is important when considering a smart device. There are some sectors that consider these smart watches for children to pose a threat to their own safety and have banned them.

And is that many of these concerns arise because these devices can be easily hacked. Therefore, to be safe, try not to store confidential information on them. And remember to teach your child not to talk to strangers or through text messages.

Is a smart watch a good option for your child?

With all the new technology, it can be a challenge for parents to know which one is best for their son or daughter. Because, although many children now have mobile phones, some parents believe that they are not needed yet.

But there are also other parents who want to be able to connect with their children without handing them a smartphone . In that case, a children’s watch of these could be the best option.

Like older  smartwatches , a children’s watch can be much more than just a watch. Depending on the model, its benefits may include fitness tracking to encourage your child to be more active. Or GPS tracking so that the most suspicious always know where it is. And even the ability to make and receive calls in some cases.

Some reasons to buy a children’s smartwatch

To help you see its potential benefits, here are three reasons to buy one from you.

✔ Knowledge and peace of mind for parents

Children’s watches are a great way for parents to keep track of their children’s life actions. They can be used to track where you are, using GPS, as well as the amount of physical activity you do in a day. Or also to communicate via phone, text message, email or chat. With this type of access to your child, you won’t have to worry about not being in contact with them.

✔ Parental controls available

While many smart watches for kids have the same functionality as mobiles, they also come with a wide variety of parental controls. They are designed for adults to feel comfortable with the fact that their child has access to the internet, for example. These features help you control online shopping situations or access to pornography.

The parental controls available will depend on the type of children’s smartwatch you purchase. However, common parental controls include features such as time allowed for games, accessible contacts for communication, Internet restrictions, or purchase permissions.

✔ Help kids keep track of themselves

The characteristics and functions of a children’s smartwatch are not only used to keep track of your child. They can also help you to be more productive by yourself. Children’s watches help you better plan your day and execute those plans effectively.

By providing children with reminders about certain tasks or appointments to complete, they too can have the organizational and informational benefits of wearing a smartwatch, just like their parents.

And when it comes to the technology you let your kids use, most parents prefer to go on the side of security and functionality. To meet both needs, you can consider smart watches for children as a valid option for your little one to access technology.

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