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What are the Benefits of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is what is known as the sunshine vitamin, or cholecalciferol. It is one of the vitamins that dissolves in water.

The body does not produce it unless it is exposed to a sufficient amount of sunlight. It is also produced chemically in the form of tablets and capsules.

The deficiency of this vitamin is compensated for by taking supplements. The food recommended by the specialist doctor, and here and in this article we will learn about its benefits, the symptoms and harm that its deficiency and excess cause in the body, and the foods in which it is available.

What are the benefits of vitamin D

The Importance of Vitamin D for the Body

This vitamin works to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for the growth of bones and teeth, after converting them through sunlight into a chemical substance that travels in the blood to the kidneys, and then in turn turns into the most effective substance of this vitamin, which is called dihydroxy.

  • Preventing bone diseases and pain, especially osteoporosis.
  • Growth and strengthening of bone cells.
  • Activating the body’s immune system.

Harmful Effects of Excess Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most toxic vitamins in the human body if taken in large doses without medical advice. Symptoms that accompany taking it in large quantities include diarrhea and high blood calcium, which means excessive deposition in the kidneys and heart, causing major health risks, in addition to severe headaches.

Nausea; Therefore, it is preferable to consult a doctor before taking it, and undergo the necessary medical examinations.

Vitamin D Sources

There are many sources of vitamin D, including oil-rich fish such as sardines, tuna, salmon, and cod liver oil. It is available in eggs and dairy products, and it can also be obtained through exposure to sunlight, especially in the early morning and sunset.

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