What is Difference Between Adaptation and Mitigation & examples

difference between adaptation and mitigationAdaptation and mitigation are two characteristic strategies of climate change. Addressing the causes of climate change is mitigating, and adapting to the effects.

Adaptation is adjusting to climate change. Mitigation uses human intervention to reduce the effects of a hazard or to control potential hazards that already exist.

Difference Between Adaptation and Mitigation

Adaptation Mitigation
It is the strategy to adjust to climatic change. It is the strategy to reduce the impact of climate change.
It is localised and region-specific. It is global and not localised.
These are long-term strategies. These are short-term.
It involves taking appropriate measures to prevent the effects of climate change. It involves the reduction of harmful effects of hazards and incidents that have already occurred.
The measures such as building flood barriers, effective utilisation of water, development of drought-resistant crops, etc. can be taken. The major measures include using new technologies, clean energy resources, and making older technologies more energy efficient.

Climate change and adaptation are two strategies for dealing with climate change. Mitigation is an intervention to reduce sources of emission or increase sinks of volatile gases.

Adaptation is “the adjustment of natural and human systems in response to actual or anticipated climate events or consequences, either to mitigate risk or to exploit practical opportunities” (IPCC 2001).

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