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Different types of norms are emerging within every society, and these tend to govern people’s behavior, even when they are not always aware of it.

  • In the case of legal norms, it could be said that since their non-compliance results in a clearly stipulated sanction, people fear such sanctions and therefore partially comply with those norms.
  • The moral norms, on the other hand, lack a specific sanction associated with non-compliance, which is previously specified; Even so, they are generally observed.

Where do they come from?

Moral norms are derived from certain ethical values that emerge from within society, and although these are not always the same, they tend to be understood from a certain perspective linked to the concepts of fairness and justice: a pillar that supports many of the moral norms it is that principle that one should treat one’s neighbor in the same way that one would like to be treated by others.

Many philosophers considered questions about this behavior of the human being and of morality, standing out Aristotle and Immanuel Kant, who proposed a categorical imperative that can be interpreted similarly to the latter: ‘ Work only in such a way that you can wish that the maxim of your action becomes a universal law. ‘

However, not all societies admit that moral standards are limited to not taking actions that we would not like to do. Although the Western world is generally governed by these principles, in certain parts of the world it is considered that morality should be subject to the designs of God, and therefore, not only the offense to other people should be considered, but also the offenses towards God.

From there, certain additional moral limitations arise, which could be interpreted as interference with individual liberties. It is for this reason that the law can in no way fail to take into account moral standards when considering its decisions and verdicts.

The absence of concrete penalties for those who transgress moral norms does not mean in any way that the transgression has no social consequences.

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Examples of moral standards

The following list includes twenty moral standards, by way of example:

  1. Ensure the physical and psychological well-being of the children.
  2. Carry out kind acts and not take special advantage for that later.
  3. Don’t lie to other people.
  4. Allow pregnant women or people with children to be cared for earlier in banks.
  5. Loan certain assets to neighbors when they need them.
  6. Do not use social benefits intended for people with characteristics that one does not possess.
  7. Do not tell secrets to people to whom one has not been authorized to tell.
  8. Deal with helping parents when they are old.
  9. Give the seat to the elderly in public transport.
  10. Be loyal to those who have been kind to you.
  11. Refusing to intervene in certain cases where one can use his own power for the benefit of close people.
  12. Do not consume any substance that makes you lose control over your own body.
  13. Be tolerant of differences in thinking with others.
  14. Being a clean and neat person.
  15. Fulfill the commitments to which one is committed by word.
  16. Earning jobs on their own merit and not by ties or favors.
  17. Do not take advantage of another person’s limitations.
  18. Being a faithful person within the framework of couple relationships.
  19. Respect the symbols of religions that are not their own.
  20. Do not throw the garbage in the street.

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