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Where is Boric Acid Found

Boric Acid

Boric acid has many scientific names, such as hydrogen crystals, boric acid, orthoboric acid, and boric acid, and it is one of the weak acids.

Where is boric acid found

Because it is considered a mono-Lewis acid of boron, and its chemical formula is H3BO3, and it is sometimes written in this form B(OH)3, and the acid consists of colorless crystals, or a white powder that has the ability to dissolve in boiling water that reaches one hundred and seventy degrees Celsius, Which results in metaboric acid and water through this chemical equation:

H3BO3 → HBO2 + H2O.

His Whereabouts

Boric acid can be found in free form in many volcanic areas; Such as the Tuscany region, the Lipari Island in Italy, and the state of Nevada in the United States of America.

The reason for the presence of acid in these areas is due to the mixing of hot steam in ground cracks caused by volcanoes. It can be found with many minerals and chemical compounds such as borax, ulexite, Boracite is also found in seawater, and with many types of plants, especially fruits.

Its uses

Medical: The acid is used as a disinfectant for burns and minor wounds, protecting these areas from germs, an alternative solution to plasters, ointments, and eyewash by mixing it with a diluted solution, treating bacterial vaginosis, which results from the presence of excess alkalis, a good treatment for acne, and a treatment for foot infections. athlete; This is done by placing acid powder in socks, as a treatment for otitis externa.

Insects: It is considered a good insecticide, and its first use dates back to the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight, and the acid showed good results in exterminating cockroaches, cockroaches, fleas, and many other insects.

Industry: Acid is used in many industries. Such as the manufacture of fiberglass, plastics, industrial pipes, the jewelry industry, the production of high-quality flat LCD screens, and electroplating processes.

Lubrication: The nanoparticles contained in the acid can be mixed with vegetable oil, and this mixture forms a lubricant, and this substance is placed on the surfaces of ceramics and metals. To facilitate the sliding process.

Agriculture: The acid contains a large percentage of boron, which plants need during their period of abundant growth.

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