Xenon and bixenon

Differences between Xenon and Bi-xenon
Differences between Xenon and Bi-xenon

The Differences between Xenon and Bi-xenon is given here. When we talk about car lights, it is very easy to confuse xenon and bi-xenon lights or flat lights, not knowing how to use them or what uses each one has.

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Xenon is a chemical element whose symbol is Xe and its atomic number is 54. It is a noble, heavy, odorless, and colorless gas. It is present in the Earth’s atmosphere in traces and was the first gas to be synthesized.

Its most popular use is its use in the manufacture of devices that emit light such as lamps, electronic tubes, photographic flashes, lamps used to excite ruby ​​lasers, among others. It is also used as an anesthetic in general anesthesia, it is used in nuclear facilities in bubble chambers and probes, as an oxidizing agent and as a Xe-133 isotope as a radioisotope.

Xenon lights are the evolution of halogen lamps. They were used for the first time as low beam lights in 1991 by the Osram company in the BMW 7 Series vehicle.


Since 2001, xenon lights have also been present in fixed high-beam lights. They are called bi-xenon in reference to the two types of headlights on vehicles.

The light in xenon and bi-xenon lamps is generated by an arc of 30,000 volts between two tungsten electrodes located inside a glass chamber. In this chamber is the xenon gas with halogenated metal salts, depending on this mixture the color of the light will be more or less blue.

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Differences between Xenon and Bi-xenon

  • Xenon lights are not addressable, they are used as low beams and high beams, but they can dazzle other drivers
  • The bi-xenon lights have a shutter that allows them to automatically direct themselves to where they are required as they send the information to a switchboard. These types of lights have a much faster ignition than xenon lights, the shutter allows the light to stay on and be used when required.
  • Xenon lights are used as low beam lights.
  • Bi-xenon lights are used as low beams and high beams.

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