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Citampi Stories Mod Apk

Citampi Stories Mod Apk DownloadCitampi Stories Mod Apk is a world graphic adventure where you pretend to be a young man traveling around the city looking for a job after an arranged marriage is rejected. His goal is to get enough money to pay off his family’s debt.

The gameplay of the Citampi Stories Mod app is fully optimized for the touch screen, so you just type wherever you want. Also, just tap to interact with other characters and find the same items.

The goal of Citampi Stories Mod is to work hard and earn money to pay off family debt. Fortunately, Sitampi always has work to do, although some trades require specific skills. So the smarter or more influential your character is, the better your job will be.

Citampi Stories Mod Apk Aditional Information

Name Citampi Stories Mod Apk
Version v1.71.317r 
Updated June 15, 2022
Developer Jawwad Hussain
ID com.Citampi Storiesmodapk
Installs 100,000+
Category Apk App

Citampi Stories Mod is a fun and unique graphic adventure where you can do different things while interacting with or falling in love with different characters.

What is Citampi Stories Mod Apk?

You decide to go to Sitamp to pay off your parents’ debts and find happiness. But win a lot! Discover the strange and exciting stories of your characters in this pixel art cartoon game.

Citampi Stories Mod App

Meet seven beautiful girls and win their love in this love acting game. Guide and marry the girl in this special story so that she will be the mother of your wife, wife and children.

Busy! Experience many different activities in this virtual game life, grow vegetables and fruits on your little farm/garden, find items, steal animals as pets, find treasures, fish and much more.

In this story you will see all the stories and scenes of your characters and all the residents of Sitamp. Discover the hand-painted life stories and colorful personalities of each character as you meet and help them in their daily lives.

Start a family! Love does not end in love after marriage. Try to improve family life. Provide women with fish and vegetables during pregnancy. Buy different clothes to make them happy. To avoid power outages, make sure you pay your utilities. In this role play, you can learn about the relationship and family life of each individual.

Citampi Stories Mod Apk Features

In Citamp Stories Mod, management is as simple as selecting an objective on a map. Then click to connect to your home or people. You can also choose which button you want to enable based on your purpose.

Citampi Stories Mod App Download

The game also has no internet at all. You can play Citampi Stories Mod without internet connection. Play anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. If you have a few minutes, get off your Android device and start making money!

In any case, you can freely define your life here. In particular, you can meet freely, feel free to visit… In the city of tunnels, players can meet different girls with different personalities.

And you can have a dream wedding with the girl who earned your greatest sympathy. Then you can start a family that you have been dreaming of for a long time.

citampi stories mod apk no ads

In this area you will be assigned various system tasks. These jobs allow you to earn money and take care of yourself. Make it a date until now. This allows you to get to know others better and see if that person’s personality and habits are helpful in building other relationships.

This work experience will help you follow the efforts of your parents so that you understand the need to accept the sacrifice of parents. Since then, he has been enjoying the money he earns. Sitampi: I Am Alive RPG

When a Sitampy story helps you complete your investigation, you can make your own decisions. Now you enter both lives without the protection of your parents. You have to go to work and do other things every day.

And you take care of everything in the family, from electricity and water costs to the big things in the house. After a while, you will realize how difficult these tasks are.

Citampi Stories Mod is a great game for RPG fans as it has 8-bit graphics. Everything in this game is well designed and you will enjoy every element of the game. If you like Pokémon video games.

In City of City, players can meet many different girls, each with a different personality. And you can organize a dream wedding with the girl who wins the most sympathy. Then you will be able to form the family you have been dreaming of for a long time.

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How to Download & Install the Citampi Stories Mod Apk for Android?

This feature ensures that your users are always protected. If you can’t find this app on the Google Play Store, you can always download it from this site. Please follow the instructions below to install this app on your Android device before implementing this idea.

  • Open in the “Unknown sources” settings. After that, go to Security and enable Security Options.
  • Go to Download Manager on your Android device and click on Citampi Stories Mod. Now it’s time to download.
  • You can find two options on the phone screen. There are two ways to install the OS and all you have to do is quickly launch it on your Android device.
  • You will see an options screen appear on your mobile phone. You have to wait a while for it to appear.

Download Apk Now

Download Citampi Stories Mod Apk

Download the Citampi Stories Mod Apk file and install it using the file manager


Citampi Stories Mod Apk Download now and enjoy this great app for Android and PC. The download APK files and it has almost all apps in all categories and genres.

Download Citampi Stories Mod APK belongs to the RPG genre and was developed by Ikan Asin Production. Our website has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. However, the program is rated 3 out of 5 on various review forums. You can also reply to Citampi Stories Mod APK on our website for our users to better understand the app. For more information about Citampi Stories Mod APK, please visit the developer’s official website for more information.

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