Difference Between Environment and Ecosystem

Environment refers to our surroundings, while ecosystem is the relationship between nature and living things. The environment is the habitat of living things. An ecosystem is a community of interconnected living and abiotic elements.

Difference Between Environment and Ecosystem

What is Environment?

Nature is everything that shapes our surroundings and enables us to live on earth. It includes all the forces of the body, natural and artificial. Modern technology and industry have damaged the environment in recent years. Deforestation, air pollution and acid rain are the result of environmental imbalances.

What is Ecosystem?

The ecosystem is the area where the living and non-living parts of the environment interact. It maintains stability within the environment. Desert, forest, coral reef, savanna, taiga and tundra are some types of ecosystems. The ecosystem is constantly changing.

Difference Between Environment and Ecosystem

Environment Ecosystem
It is the surrounding where organisms live. It is the community where the biotic and abiotic components interact with each other.
It comprises physical components. It comprises biological components.
It provides a living space for the elements It provides interaction between the elements
It provides the condition to live. It provides the relation between components to live.
Environment can be macro or micro. Ecosystem can be aquatic or terrestrial.
An organism’s environment changes as it moves from one place to another. The ecosystem remains the same no matter where the organism travels.
Environment is just a place in time. Ecosystem depends upon all the essential life processes such as photosynthesis.


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