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Agricultural Implements

Agriculture is a labor-intensive process that cannot be done by hand. It is therefore necessary to use tools and machinery to develop an agricultural system. These are known as agricultural inputs or agricultural inputs.

Agricultural Implements

What are Agricultural Implements?

Agricultural inputs are the equipment needed to carry out agricultural activities. Several agricultural products have been used in recent agriculture. Generally, these tools fall into five main categories.

Types of Agricultural Implements

Following are the various types of agricultural tools used by farmers to facilitate easy production of crops:

  • It is equipped with central pivot irrigation systems and pumps. It helps in proper watering.
  • These prepare the soil for cultivation and farming. For example, wheel drives, studs, pullers, etc.
  • These are used to plant seeds and seedlings in large plots of land after cultivating the soil.
  • This is achieved through the use of broadcast seeding, precision drilling, wind seeding, seeding, planting equipment and more.
  • These are used for end-use agricultural operations such as weeding, weighing and killing.

Agricultural Tools

Agricultural tools such as forks, hoes, sickles and drills are implemented in agriculture to make the process more productive and efficient. There are so many agricultural inputs that farmers use.

It is usually taken from the wood with two oxen. Traditionally, it was used for tiling, soil amendment and fertilizer. It consists of a long wooden shaft called a plough. It consists of a solid triangular blade known as a cultivator. The other end was tied to the pole and then placed around the bull’s neck. However, wooden plows have now been replaced by steel plows and are pulled by tractors.

Seeds have been used in agriculture since ancient times. It has a long stick and is pulled by animals It is pulled by cattle and used to loosen the soil and remove weeds. It has a solid, wide, bent steel plate that acts like a machine.

The plow attached to the tractor is called the farmer. This reduces duplication and saves time. It mixes the soil around the mature crop promoting growth and destroying weeds.

This is used for sowing seeds. This is done with the help of a tractor. Planting the seeds evenly spaced and deep ensures they are covered with soil. This allows the plants to get enough sunlight, nutrients and water from the soil. This saves work and time and protects the seeds from being eaten by birds or animals.

Traditional Tools

The traditional method of planting seeds is shaped like a butterfly. The fountain is full of seeds. The spores pass through two or three tubes with sharp ends.

These ends penetrate the soil and deposit the seeds there. Reaper, spade and ax are some of the traditional agricultural tools used by farmers. Agricultural practice is labor intensive and time intensive.

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