Impact of Computers & Internet on Society

Impact of computers and internet on society

There are numerous areas in which the increased ease and efficiency of computers have put a large impact. Probably the most important on our society is on information sharing


  • Educational institutes, from primary to university level, are using computers for various learning activities. A large number of learning programs (tutorials) are available on
  • Almost every subject. These provide a one-to-one interaction with the student the trend of
  • Conducting online examinations is getting popular e.g. GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. are conducted
  • Online throughout the world. Questions are marked by the computer, which minimize the
  • Chance of committing mistakes. It also makes it possible to announce results in time.
  • Distance learning is a new learning methodology. Computer plays the key role in this
  • Type of learning. Hundreds of institutes are offering distance-learning programs. The students
  • Are not required to come to the institute instead they are provided reading material and attend
  • Classes via virtual classroom. In a virtual classroom, the teacher deliver lecture at its own
  • Workplace while the students, connected to a network, may listen to him at their homes. They
  • May put questions and answers are sent to them via email.


  • Computer is now being widely used in business and industry. Computer information
  • Systems are used to keep track of huge transactions. They also allow transactions to be made
  • From anywhere in the world. These are also used to control machines which manufacture
  • Products, keep track of customer’s bills, analyze sales of various products in different
  • Localities on monthly and yearly basis; calculating and recording employ pays and performs Other tasks. These are also widely used in business community to reduce the Administrative paperwork and cost


  • The advent of the Internet and the popularity of personal computers presented an Opportunity for the banking industry. For years, banking institutions have used powerful. Computers to perform millions of transactions. Nowadays, ATMs are installed everywhere;

These are all computerized and connected together. These can be used to draw money from Any branch of that bank at any time of the day. Customers are now also connected to the bank via Personal computers, which allows them to see their bank account status at home. Banks view computerized banking as a powerful tool to attract and retain new. Customers while eliminating costly paper handling and increasing competitive banking Environment. Following are some of the advantages of online banking

Convenience: Computerized online banking sites never close; they’re available 24

Hours a day, seven days a week, and they can be accessed from a computer.

Ubiquity: If you’re out of the country and a money problem arises, you can log on

Instantly to your online bank and make appropriate transactions.

Transaction speed: Online bank sites generally execute and confirm transactions at

Quicker processing speed.

Efficiency: You can access and manage all of your bank accounts, from one site


  • Modern stores are quickly incorporating computer system for a number of reasons.
  • Firstly these systems allow the billing of items to be done at great speed. They accept credit
  • Cards, allowing customer to purchase goods without cash.
  • The items at store are marked with
  • “Bar Code”. This is called as “Universal
  • Production Code”. This is a sequence of
  • Lines, which is read by a “Bar Code
  • Reader”. The price of the item is stored in
  • This code and these are automatically added
  • To the bill. The computer generates the
  • Receipt and the customer pays the bills.

The computer along with generating the bills also updates the inventory list. This Allows the store manager to see that which items are short and in more demand. Marketing experts can also use this information.


Computer Simulation is the use of computer to represent the dynamic responses One system by the change in behaviors of another system modeled after it. Computer Simulations are widely used in educational institutes to make clear the understanding of the Working of various systems e.g. simulation of aero plane is a part of training of the pilot. Makes him /her clear the working of various parts of aero plane. Simulation of river systems. Can be manipulated to determine the potential effects of dams, and irrigation network before Any actual construction has taken place.

In educational institutes, simulations also have advantages over hands-or Laboratory work such as allowing students to do more complicated and hazardous Experiments, obtain results more quickly, and get a deeper understanding of the Experiments. Simulations can include simple graphical or numerical representations Of how chemical or physical experiments are carried out.


The advancement of computer science has also helped entertainment industry

Nowadays computer can be used to watch television shows being broadcasted on Internet,

Watch movies, listen to music and play games. Computers are also used to create animations and special effects for television shows, Commercials, movies and cartoons. These allow them to add graphics and colorful displays in

Their shows. Computer games are also becoming a Big attraction for children and kids. The Computers capability to portray graphics is Constantly improving. Thus computer games

Are getting better and better each day. Computer games can take us into the Excitement of competition by presenting 3D Color images interactively. They can display Colors and life like characters, animations, Sounds and even videos.

Computer is also being used by music industry to create high quality music and Sounds in less amount of time. Computerized electronic synthesizers are being used to store, Modify and access a wide variety of sounds. New software are allowing musicians to create Composition with less effort.


Today computers are being used in many other areas to save time and cost. These Include publishing where documents can be written and saved on a computer.

This is Accomplished by a word-processing application such as Microsoft Word. These applications Allow the writers to correct and print the document in very short time.

These documents can Also be sent from one place to another via Internet. Computers are also being used in libraries to maintain and track record of books and Library members. Any information regarding the book, its author or date of issue can be Searched from the computer in seconds.

They can also be issued warning when the books Issued to them are over-due and must be returned immediately.

Thus computer has allowed people to work fast, saving time and money. Also it has Helped in spreading information and knowledge via Internet. The future will allow many additional opportunities for the applications of automation to many areas of life.

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