Difference between RAM and ROM

Difference between RAM and ROMThe Difference between RAM and ROM is given here. The internal memories of the computer. Where RAM is a temporary memory, ROM is the permanent memory of the computer. There are many differences between RAM and ROM, but the basic difference is that RAM is read-write memory and ROM is a read-only memory. If you want to know more about this type of report, we invite you to see each one separately from the previous links.

Main differences

  • The key difference between RAM and ROM is that RAM is basically read-write memory whereas ROM is a read-only memory.
  • RAM temporarily stores the data that has to be processed by the CPU currently. On the other hand, the ROM stores the instructions that are required during Bootstrap.
  • RAM is volatile memory. However, ROM is a non-volatile memory.
  • RAM stands for Random Access Memory while ROM stands for Read-Only Memory. On the one hand, where the data in RAM can be easily modified, the data in ROM can hardly or never be changed.
  • RAM can range from 64MB to 4GB whereas, ROM is always comparatively smaller than RAM.
  • RAM is more expensive than ROM.
  • RAM can be classified into static and dynamic. On the other hand, ROM can be classified into PROM, EPROM, and EEPROM.


RAM and ROM are the necessary memory for the computer. ROM is necessary for booting a computer. RAM is important for CPU processing.

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