Types of Wireless Network

types of wireless networkThe concept of the wireless network comes from the English language –Wireless Network– and refers to the type of connection that allows, without the need for it to be physical to connect two location points by means of electromagnetic waves. There are basically three different types of wireless networks: WAN, LAN, and PAN.

Today the use of wireless networks has become popular to the point that we have them to stay connected to the network from our computers, or cell phones.

Inside our houses, in our friends’ houses or even in bars and different social gathering places; Thus becoming one of the most common communication technologies in everyday life.

In the past, communication between different personal electronic devices was carried out through the use of a cable and its peripheral connection, which is why small devices filled the house with cables, and sometimes its management could be confusing. Wireless communication is a breakthrough in versatility and comfort for the individual.

Nowadays, most modern cell phones only come equipped with cables to recharge their battery, and with the advances that this type of network has achieved, it is possible to use headphones, modems, microphones, printers and even the keyboard communicating with your terminal via wireless radio waves.

There are different types of coverage by the wireless network, with different standards, it is from this that they are classified into:

Wireless Personal Area Network:

Also known as the “WPAN ” network; It is distinguished by being a more personalized form of coverage unlike other technologies: an example of these are the “Bluetooth” network based on the Homerf standard that connects cell phones to each other as long as they are in a nearby radius.

Other types of connection to this network are the RFID system that allows the storage and retrieval of different data with the primary objective of showing the identity of an object using radio waves.

Wireless Metropolitan Area Network

Better known to us by the name of “Metropolitan Area Network” or “MAN” is based on the use of WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technologies which, translated into Spanish, would be a global interoperability style for microwave access.

Basically speaking of this network, we are classifying a style of area similar to WI-FI that we can access in our homes but with a greater range and in turn a wider band to allow communication in this building.

Wireless Wide Area Network

We popularly know it as  “WAN” or “WWAN” . It is important to take into account its differences with its predecessor WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) since it uses WiMAX technologies – mobile communication networks – for data transfer, although it also includes in the “package” at the time of transfer data networks GPRS, GSM, HSPA and 3G and WI-FI to achieve internet connection in this way.

What is WI-FI?

Although its connection mode is wireless, WiFi is a gadget that allows various electronic devices – computers, smartphones, video game consoles, computers, etc. – to be connected to the internet through the use of a wireless network.

The range of this access point varies depending on the network and whether you are outdoors. Although it currently has great advantages, this type of connection is the most vulnerable in terms of security, which is why many companies have adopted various security and protection measures and systems, so that unauthorized people cannot access your information.

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