Values ​​and Virtues

The Difference between Values ​​and Virtues is given here. When we speak of values ​​and virtues we think that they are synonyms or similar terms. It is true that they refer to

Difference between Values __and Virtues
Difference between Values __and Virtues

certain behaviors of the individual, but they are not the same. To know the difference between values ​​and virtues, it is convenient to know and master the concepts.

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It comes from the Latin “valere” which means “to be strong”. This word refers to all those principles of the human being that allows him to realize himself as a better person. They are qualities and beliefs that are attached to the characteristics of each person and help them to behave in a certain way.

Values ​​help determine priorities and guide the life of a human being towards self-realization.

Values ​​allow choosing between one situation and another, between one action and another, as well as making decisions that are in favor of the individual.

They correspond to the right and wrong actions or behaviors. They allow us to differentiate between good and evil, unfair, and just. Values ​​involve feelings and emotions.

Values ​​are linked to attitudes and behaviors.

There are different types of values:

  • Universal.
  • Personal.
  • Socio-cultural values.
  • Family values.
  • Spiritual values.
  • Moral values.
  • Material values.
  • Organizational values.


It is a disposition of the person to carry out their actions according to the moral law. The virtues are seen as the fullness or excellence that a reality and a special way of life of man can achieve.

The virtues according to Plato are wisdom, courage, and self-control.  Another virtue considered by the present time is justice, which allows us to coexist in law and safely.

Virtue consists in acting according to nature. Human beings being rational must act according to reason.

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Difference between Values ​​and Virtues

  • Values ​​are the personal principles of each human being.
  • The virtues are typical of rational beings. It is acting according to the nature of the human being.

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