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Dental Formula


Four types of teeth are located in the bones of the jaw, extending into the mouth. The four types of teeth perform various functions including cutting, crushing, tearing and slicing food.

Dental Formula

Teeth are very important in many ways. Teeth are obviously essential when eating, as they help us eat with wider palates and also play an important role in digestion.

In addition to eating, our teeth strengthen the bones of the jaw, shape our lips and help us with our speech. Generally, teeth are our crowning glory, and their features make us look good.

The term orthodontics is mainly used to describe the arrangement, including the number and type of teeth. An average adult has 32 teeth. Animals have different types and shapes of teeth that are specialized in animals depending on their diet or diet.

What is a Dental Formula?

Depending on the method, the process of showing or describing the total number of teeth in humans and animals is called dental suturing. This structure is illustrated by letters and figures.

The characters used in this system are based on 4 types of teeth namely – Incisor, Canine, Premolar and Molar. (number of teeth of each type in the upper jaw) / (number of teeth on one side of the lower jaw)..

Dental Formulae of Animals

Like humans, the dental plaque of various animals varies from young to mature.

Dogs are omnivores, which means they eat plants and animals. This dog’s tooth enamel is: Cats are also small mammals. Like cats, dogs eat both plants and animals. The dog has a toothpick

Animals talk mostly about cows. These are domesticated mammals, bred to produce milk. All animals have characteristic teeth and belong to the group of chewed animals. They have no offspring and upper limbs.

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