Imagination and Creativity

Differences between Imagination and Creativity
Differences between Imagination and Creativity

The Differences between Imagination and Creativity is given here. Creativity comes from the verb create, this being the basis for the search and obtaining new solutions. While the imagination is related to mental experiences that are not material.

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It is not tangible. It is an individual mental resource, through which a situation is thought and exaggerated elements are added to achieve a new psychological experience.

It is an innate quality that the human being has for psychotherapeutic exercise. Likewise, it is used for personal recreation, optimization of negative situations, and the absorption of information obtained through the senses. 


Creativity is an innate ability that human beings have. The use of thought to choose to search for solutions through the transformation of an object, the improvement of a situation through comparisons or humorous or ironic comments, is valued as examples of creativity.

Psychologically, creativity is linked to a person’s prior knowledge, learning, what is observed, what is heard, or what has been experienced, is essential to create new experiences.

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Differences between Imagination and Creativity

  • Imagination is abstract and takes place in thought.
  • Creativity is practical and requires tangible resources.
  • Imagination comes from the noun image, so it is used through mental images that trigger memories or previous knowledge.
  • Creativity comes from the verb create and its essence is the implementation of real resources to obtain immediate solutions or the reuse of materials.
  • The imagination is personal and has a place in the mind of each individual, in addition, the idea does not urge to be shared with others.
  • Creativity, when put into practice, requires the integration of other people for creation, although directed by the person who idealized it.
  • Creativity is the implementation of what you imagine.

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