State and Government

Differences between state and government
Differences between state and government

Differences between state and government are given here. The terms state and government are different, they are related, but they are not synonymous. To understand how they differ, we must know the concepts.

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It is a form of political organization that is endowed with sovereign and independent power, integrates the population of a given territory. It is related to the political, social, and economic organization of a country, made up of a set of institutions with the power to regulate life in society.

It designates any sovereign country recognized as such before the international order in addition to the set of powers and governing bodies that make up said country.

The concept of the State differs according to the authors, many of them define the State as the set of institutions with authority and power to establish the norms that regulate life in society, maintaining internal and external sovereignty over a specific territory.

The classic definition of the State defines it as a unit of domination, independent at the external and internal level, which acts continuously, with its own means of power and defined at the personal and territorial level.


It is the pillar of a state. It is the authority that directs, administers, and controls the institutions that make up the State. It is also understood as such that body made up of a president or prime minister and a variable number of ministers and other government entities to which a Constitution or fundamental rule of a State attributes executive power and political power over society.

A government is also the body that directs a political community.

It is also defined as the set of vital interests that are exercised and defended through permanent national objectives such as the validity of territorial integrity, the division of power, the time that power is exercised, among others.

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Differences between state and government

  • The government is the party in charge of carrying out the functions of the State, delegating its capacities to the various institutions. It is made up of a group of leaders who hold temporary positions within the State.
  • The State is a form of political, social, and economic organization of a sovereign and independent country.

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