Difference between Technician and Technologist

Differences between Technician and Technologis
Differences between Technician and Technologist

The Difference between Technician and Technologist is given here. On many occasions, it is common to confuse both terms when communicating. It is necessary to know the differences between technician and technologist when writing a resume or when presenting a job interview to ensure that we are qualified for the position to which we aspire. keep reading…


It comes from the Greek téchne, which can be translated as “science” or ” art “. A technician executes technical knowledge that follows a set of rules to achieve a goal. Technicians are people who master a technique, they can have a degree or classification that they access through formal education. Technicians know intellectual or physical tools that allow them to perform a certain technique.

They tend to serve as assistants to graduates in longer formal careers such as architecture, engineering, and medicine. In sports, a technical director is the one who is in charge of training, directing, and selecting an athlete or team.


They are specialists trained to work or work in the field of applied technology. They are professionals who combine intellect with manual skills. They work on extensive projects with the basic knowledge of long-term careers. Their activities often focus on product improvement, construction, and manufacturing through the use and optimization of technology. They work in various industries, they are hired as technology managers, designers, technical operations, or quality control. Technologists’ skills are based on knowledge acquired in studies and through experience. suggested video:

Technician vs Technology

Difference between Technician and Technologist in points

  • In some countries, the technologist is a legally recognized profession and only those who have graduated from a university can receive such a title.
  • Technicians and technologists are related to each other, however. Technicians do not perform jobs that require specialized knowledge.
  • A technician is often hired for a manufacturing and service activity. Technicians are executors and builders.
  • A technologist is capable of innovating and finding solutions on his own.

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