What is carbon cycle in ecosystem?

What is carbon cycle explain?

  • All types of life o the earth is based on element carbon. It is needed for the formation proteins. Carbohydrates, fats and many other substance that make up a living thing.
  • The carbon which is come from the carbon dioxide which is found in atmosphere.
  • Plants take this carbon dioxide from air and convert it into carbon dioxide by the process photosynthesis.
  • Carbon of this form passes into a food chain
  • Animals get carbon by eating plants and the other animals.
  • The amount of carbon dioxide in the air stays the same because it is returned to the air as fast as plant take it in all living plants and animals respire and then exhale carbon dioxide whereas decomposers set the carbon dioxide free from the bodies of dead organism.
  • It  also returned to air combustion that is burning of wood and other organic fuel like coal, petrol and the gas etc.
  • Two important processes of the respiration and photosynthesis helps a lot to run the carbon oxygen cycle.
  • During respiration carbon dioxide is discharged and released in the atmosphere photosynthesis on the other hand consumes carbon dioxide and release oxygen and thus the balance is maintained.

Give an account of water cycle or hydro logical cycle. Explain with help of graphic respiration

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