What is Difference between Arteries and Veins?

difference between arteries and veinsThe most notable difference between arteries and veins is that the veins carry blood from the heart to the tissues, while the arteries do so from the tissues to the heart. We can notice how these two organs differ from each other. Arteries are pink in colour and veins are red in colour.


Our cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, one of the body’s most important organs, if not the most, that pushes blood through the blood vessels that are present in our body, including capillaries, veins and arteries. Thus, we know where these two organs come from and what they have in common: the transport of blood.

As for the veins, their structure is similar to that of the arteries but the muscular layer is much weaker, which is why its contraction capacity decreases. In the arteries, this muscle tissue contracts or dilates depending on the need of the organs for obtaining blood.

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The muscle tissue in the arteries contracts in the areas that need the least blood and expands in the areas that need the most.

Followed when we take the pulse by skin palpation on the wrist, for example, what we feel is the dilation and contraction of this tissue caused by each heartbeat.

Returning again to the veins, they expand when they are full of blood and collapse when they are completely empty.

They have valves inside that make it difficult for the blood to recede, if they did not exist, the effect of gravity would make the blood accumulate easily in the lower body.

Thus, we can notice another structural difference in terms of veins and arteries, further demarcating their structure and function, which should be general knowledge and especially for runners, who demand their cardiovascular system once they step on asphalt and start running.

Difference between Arteries and Veins in tabular form



1) An artery has a thick, elastic and muscular wall. 1) A vein has a thinner, less elastic and less muscular wall.
2) An artery always carries blood away from the heart. 2) A vein carries blood to the heart.
3) All arteries except the pulmonary arteries carry ‘pure’ oxygenated blood. 3) All veins except the pulmonary veins carry ‘impure’ deoxygenated blood.
4) An artery is pink in colour. 4) A vein is red in colour.
5) An artery is situated deep in the muscles. 5) Veins are more superficially situated.
6) Most arteries do not have valves. 6) Most veins have valves in them to prevent the reflux of blood.

Arteries Vs Veins (video)

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