Difference Between Biogenesis and Abiogenesis

Difference between Biogenesis and Abiogenesis





1. The view that living things arise from living things only. 1. The view that living things arise from nonliving things spontaneously.
2. The ancient people believed in biogenesis and abiogenesis. 2. Modern people do not believe in abiogenesis.




1. The hypothesis is a scientific guess. 1. The theory is a tested guess.
2. All hypotheses do not become theories. 2. All theories do not become laws.
3. A hypothesis is a tentative explanation of an observation. 3. A theory is an experimental verification of a hypothesis.


The view that living things can develop only from other living things is called biogenesis.


The old belief that living things can spontaneously develop from nonliving is termed as abiogenesis.

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