Difference Between Transpiration And Guttation

Evaporation and transpiration are two important mechanisms for removing excess water from plants. However, the two approaches are different from each other. Evaporation is the removal of water from stomata on leaves. In contrast, the intestine is a process of filtering water.

Difference Between Transpiration And Guttation

What is Transpiration?

Evapotranspiration is defined as the loss of water in the form of gases from gaseous plant tissues. It is not a secretive species and lives in all parts of the leaf at high temperatures.

It is adapted to dry conditions and can be affected by several factors such as environmental humidity, wind and composition of the stump.

What is Guttation?

The gut is a kind of exit through the sides of the roots only in low temperatures. Both of these processes cause a constant loss of water to plants.

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Difference Between Transpiration And Guttation

Transpiration Guttation
Transpiration occurs through the stomata and lenticels. Guttation takes place through hydathodes.
Loss of Water as water vapour. Loss of water as liquid water.
It occurs during the day. It occurs during early morning or at night.
Takes place at high temperature  Takes place at low temperatures.
Dry conditions favor it Resisted by dry conditions.
Water lost in transpiration through simple diffusion. Water lost in guttation is not diffusion.
Can be checked by the opening and closing of stomata. Cannot be regulated as hydathodes do not open or close.
The rate of transpiration is reduced during humid days. Humidity enhances the rate of guttation.
Root pressure is not involved in this process. Root pressure plays a vital role in this process.
Only pure water is evaporated. Eliminates sugars, salts and amino acids.

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