Difference between Gasoline and Diesel in tabular form

It is common to confuse the terms gasoline and diesel, both being petroleum products used as fuel in engines using different combustion cycles. That is why we must understand the differences between both types of fuel


Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum through fractional distillation. It is used as a fuel in internal combustion engines as well as in stoves, lamps, and solvent cleaning. In some countries, gasoline is known as naphtha, in Chile as benzine. This term comes from the Greek and Latin benzene. It has a density of 680 g / L In turn, the word gasoline comes from the American English Gasoline, this word was never defined as a Registered Trademark, however, it seems to come from old brands of oil lamps

Gasoline is obtained from direct distillation, which is the lightest liquid fraction of oil with the exception of gases. It is then a mixture of hundreds of individual carbides from the so-called C4 to C11.


Diesel or diesel, also called diesel, is a liquid hydrocarbon of density. It is composed mainly of paraffin and is used as a fuel in heating and engines. Its lower calorific value is 43.1 MJ / kg and it tends to vary with its composition. Type A diesel oil has a density of 845 g / L and is yellow and is used for passenger cars, class B diesel has a density of 855 g / L and is reddish in color, and is used in agricultural machinery. Class C diesel is bluish in color, it is for domestic use

Difference between Gasoline and Diesel

  • The types of gasoline are defined by the octane, this is nothing more than the antiknock measure that gasoline has. Detonations and ensure maximum energy release in internal combustion engines.
  • Diesel, on the other hand, differs according to its quality: type A is of higher quality, while type that is the lower quality
  • Diesel oil releases up to 10% more energy than gasoline.
  • Diesel is made up of paraffin while gasoline is made up of a mixture of various hydrocarbons

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